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Creating Better Days is a leading CBD manufacturer in the USA! Buy CBD products on our CBD website today! Quality assured. Better reviews. Leave us a review! The reason we can pride ourselves on excellent products is due in part to customer feedback. We want to hear what you have to say about our products. Real happiness.

Better Days CBD Oil Reviews

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This item does exactly what it is advertised to do. It supplies a great lasting burst of energy and concentration while helping curb your appetite. Would definitely recommend this product.

Try Our THCV Gummies

My wife and I both take one nightly. This is the only product that helps us sleep soundly throughout the night. Have recommended it to family and friends, and will continue to recommend to any one who struggles with sleep.

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Try Our CBD + CBN Melatonin Gummies

I have a nagging shoulder blade injury that is sometimes debilitating, I started with the 500mg and that worked but my wife accidentally bought me this one and I am happy she did! On a scale of 1-10 id say my pain is about a 8.5/9 depending on the day with the lotion it takes that wayyyyy down. Def would say give it a shot.

Try Our 1000mg CBD Soothing Lotion

I give this CBD to three of my cats. One who use to hide when she saw people and now loves to snuggle, one that was in discomfort and would make a loud cry who walks around with no problem and cries have simmered and the other to help settle her tummy. I feel it has helped each one of their issues. I highly recommend.

Try Our 500mg Pet Sublingual

These newer flavors are really good. The strawberry is now my favorite tasting D8 gummy. It works just as great as the other flavors and has definitely shown results in helping my anxiety and sleeplessness issues and overall feeling nice and relaxed.

Try Our 750mg Delta-8 Gummies – Strawberry Flavor

Sour was my favorite flavor until I tried cherry. it’s my new favorite! The gummies calm me down. I just quit cigarettes after smoking for 41 yrs. (Six weeks as of this commentary) and it helped with calming my nerves during bad withdrawal symptoms. This company is the best and I thank them.

Try Our 600mg CBD Gummies – Cherry Flavor

Better reviews.

Leave us a review! The reason we can pride ourselves on excellent products is due in part to customer feedback. We want to hear what you have to say about our products.

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Staff picks.

Our teams at Creating Better Days are the first to try our products, and we aren’t shy about how we feel. We love these products, and we hope you will too.


“THCV is my favorite gummy because of its unique flavor– it’s all the fruits in one! The THCV helps me get through the day with more energy and an uplifted mood.”


“This actually works for me, and it goes on with a clean, cool feel. It isn’t greasy like some of the other products on the market.”


“These help me regulate my sleep patterns, and now every morning I wake up easily and invigorated. I just love them!”

“I like it because it helps with my back pain. My dad recently had back surgery, and it’s been a big help to manage his pain, too.”

Real happiness.

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