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Auto Fat Blueberry Strain > Linda Seeds ✅ Autoflowering cannabis seed | Hybrid | THC 15 – 20 % | Yield XL ✔ Buy cheap & anonymous ✅ Blueberry is a legendary cannabis variety famous for her incredibly fruity, blueberry flavour. This high THC strain produces a long lasting high with a relaxing and euphoric effect. <p>The sweet flavor of fresh blueberries combine with relaxing effects to produce a long-lasting sense of euphoria.</p> <p>Blueberry is a perfect strain for medical users to suppress pain and relieve stress used most commonly for ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Arthr

Auto Fat Blueberry strain

These Auto Fat Blueberry cannabis seeds are a cross between an original DJ Short Blueberry clone and a Ruderalis Indica strain. Auto Blueberry cannabis seeds yield plants that are ready for harvest about 70 days after germination and produce a wonderfully fruity grass.

Auto Fat Blueberry Strain – Delicious berry flavour recommended for beginner growers!

Light purple tones (usually only at lower temperatures) and the berry aroma are the special features of this hemp variety, which is very easy to cultivate and is guaranteed not to cause any problems.

The plants grow to a medium size (60-110cm), depending on the season or under how many watts they are grown. During the main outdoor season (late May to late July/early August), yields of 100g/plant are common outdoors. Indoors under 600W are with 16 plants 500-600g/m² reachable. In order to achieve good results in outdoor cultivation, Auto Fat Blueberry should be sown in countries like Germany or further north, at the latest by mid July. Auto Blueberry marijuana seeds bring you plants with potent flowers and an extraordinary taste and smell that everyone will be convinced of once they have consumed them.


Blueberry has won numerous awards during the last two decades. These were the first two Cannabis Cups, 2 years after its introduction:

– 1 st Prize HighTimes Cannabis Cup 2000

– 3 rd Prize High Times Cannabis Cup 2001

Blueberry weed is super fruity

Blueberry is an Indica dominant strain with one of the fruitiest flavor profiles you will ever have the pleasure to enjoy. The sweet aroma and delicious flavour of fresh blueberries ensure that this is unmistakably one of the finest and tastiest cannabis experiences. It’s like eating candy, very addictive and joyful! No wonder this legendary strain was used as the genetic foundation for so many of todays most popular modern cannabis varieties.

Blueberry buds are resinous and compact

Blueberry buds can be compact and very resinous. THC levels of around 20% are not unusual. It is a vigorous plant with large fan leaves. Blueberry can yield very well when grown in optimum conditions. She has a favourable calyx-to-leaf ratio which makes her easy to trim.

Dutch Passion Blueberry: one of the most rewarding cannabis strains

Original Blueberry is the flagship strain of the Blue Family. The Blueberry name was chosen because of the blue hues in the flowers and leaves, combined with an incredible aroma which is amazingly close to the smell and taste of real blueberries.

Blueberry was introduced to the Dutch market in 1998 together with Blue Velvet, Blue Moonshine, Flo and Blue Heaven – the other members of the Blue Family. All of them were originally bred by DJ Short and adopted by Dutch Passion in a cooperation with the Canadian breeder.

Although the variety is mostly Indica dominant, just the right amount of Sativa genes gives the high a unique effect. Instead of being devastating, as you might expect with such an Indica dominant strain, the high is clear and euphoric. It provides the user with a long-lasting high which is known to be very pleasant and up-lifting.

Blueberry strain info: A connoisseur’s delight!

Blueberry is a heavily resinous mostly Indica strain (about 80% Indica, 20% Sativa) mainly consisting of an Afghani Indica. The Sativa genetics come from a Thai Sativa and to a minor degree also from an Oaxacan (Mexican) Sativa. This unique three-way cross is the genetic foundation for the Blueberry strain and her many offspring.

Most plants have a compact growth pattern with sturdy stems and very large, broad fan leaves. The internodes can be quite close together and stems can turn purple. Blueberry can also produce some beautiful colours in the leaves and flowers.

Original Blueberry achieved a legendary status along with an immense number of followers. During more recent years Blueberry has been used to make countless new and popular crosses e.g. Blue Dream, Mazar x Blueberry (formerly Skywalker), Mazar x Blueberry OG (formerly Skywalker OG), Blueberry Headband, Blueberry Diesel and Blue Cookies just to name a few.

Blueberry is ready to harvest after around 8-9 weeks indoors. Outdoor she can reach maximum heights of 2.5-3m and is harvested around the start/middle of Autumn.

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The genetics used to create Blueberry ensure the following characteristics:

  • A strong and sturdy plant which can yield very well both indoors and outdoors if grown in optimum conditions
  • Short internodal distances with dense flower clusters and a good calyx-to-leaf ratio
  • An amazing smoke/vape experience, one of the fruitiest strains on the planet

Blueberry may not be the easiest variety for beginners but she will reward the experienced grower with a bountiful harvest of one of the very best original cannabis varieties. She can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

Purple Kush weed vs Blueberry

Anyone that enjoys the rich taste and great visual appeal of Purple Kush weed will love growing Blueberry seeds. Both varieties offer blue and purple hues to the buds along with a THC rich, indulgent smoke quality. Old school connoisseurs might argue that Blueberry has earned its place in the cannabis hall of fame thanks to the extravagantly delicious taste, aroma and potency.

Blueberry effects

Blueberry is a very special Indica, despite being about 80% Indica dominant, the high is not too stoney or sleepy. It has a strong effect and the right amount of Sativa genes to make the high clear and euphoric. Our original Blueberry has a perfectly balanced high which makes it useful for morning and day-time use. It will not knock you out although it will definitely medicate you sufficiently. It will give users a hugely enjoyable feel-good body effect and put big smiles on their faces. With THC levels reaching 20% this is definitely a powerful variety.

Blueberry strain flowering time

We typically recommend a vegetative period of about 4-6 weeks. When you have only a few plants per m2 then we recommended using about 6 weeks of veg. With more plants per m2 you can use 4 weeks of veg. Although it is mostly Indica dominant, Blueberry can still stretch during flowering. This is due to the presence of Sativa genetics used in the breeding of Blueberry.

Outdoors, Blueberry has the potential to reach a significant size in optimum conditions. Ideally the weather should be mild/temperate with plenty of sun and some wind to reduce the possibility of the buds being damaged by mould and fungus. When grown in favourable conditions she has the potential to yield heavily. Some growers have succeeded in harvests over 2kg per plant.

Blueberry can have large fan leaves which act as enormous solar panels, converting light into energy. Strong stems and shorter internodal spacing makes her a great candidate for SOG-type growing styles.

The flowering time is about 8-9 weeks. In combination with the recommended veg phase it takes around 12-15 weeks from seed to harvest.

The yield of the Blueberry

Blueberry produces above average harvests of the finest quality cannabis; between 350 and 450 grams per m2 is possible. The compact plants will carry dense and heavy flowers.

Our expert advice

Blueberry isn’t the easiest variety for newer growers and can be a fussy feeder. But she will repay the more experienced growers with a beautiful harvest of perhaps one of the best cannabis varieties available. We recommend that growers ensure their grow-room conditions are as good as possible. Blueberry thrives in a stable growing environment. The climate, nutrients, soil and lighting need to be optimised for her to feel at home and deliver her full potential.

A cold climate will encourage the production of purple and blue hues. If you are growing her indoors, try to let some cold air flow into the grow-room at the end of flowering for an extravagant visual effect.

Handle her well and you will be rewarded with one of the best tasting cannabis varieties ever created!

More info about Blueberry

Blueberry is a legendary, premium potency Indica with a favourable calyx-to-leaf ratio which makes her easy to trim. She can have a striking resemblance to the White Widow strain when it comes to the sheer amount of white crystals which cover the bud. The purple/blue hues make this strain even better eye-candy.

Growers simply adore her amazing bag appeal. This is surely A++ quality flower. When she is slow-dried and cured properly there are not many strains that are able to beat this luxurious level of genuine connoisseur quality.

Blueberry is one of those exclusive varieties which will put a smile on any growers face each time they check their plants. That special Blueberry aroma makes it all worth it. Most growers cannot wait until harvest to vape/smoke and taste the buds!

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Blueberry is available in both regular and feminized seeds, as well as autoflower seeds.

Blueberry Marijuana Seeds

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The sweet flavor of fresh blueberries combine with relaxing effects to produce a long-lasting sense of euphoria.

Blueberry is a perfect strain for medical users to suppress pain and relieve stress used most commonly for ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Arthritis, Bipolar Disorder, Cancer, Depression, Headaches, Migraines, and PTSD, while connoisseurs and growers admire the strain its colorful hues and high THC %.

Although some of the blue from the mother has been lost in the cross, about 50% of this strain retains the blue and 100% it’s mother fruity taste.

Additional Information

Seedbank Canuk Seeds
Sex Feminized
Variety Mostly Indica
Strain Genetics Blueberry
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Flowering Time 8-9 Weeks
Where to Grow Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Harvest Month October
Medical Conditions ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Arthritis, Bipolar Disorder, Cancer, Depression, Headaches, Migraines, PTSD, Stress
Taste / Flavor Berry, Blueberry, Fruity, Sweet
Effect Euphoric, Long lasting
Plant Height up to 225 cm
CBD Content High
THC Content 13%
Yield 400-600 gr/m2

Customer Reviews

19 onces . Review by Michel


Freebie seed grew up to 7 feet tall, got 19 onces of great buds ..indoors . Lucky i got 10 foot ceilings .cloned it too waiting for it to finish this week. Kanuk seeds and True North seedbank are TOP NOTCH.

(Posted on 9/4/2022) This is my absolute go to! Review by Thomas


I got this as a freebie two years ago and killed it, and by killed it I mean it didn’t grow more than a foot high and had about 16 grams! My bad, my first grow and I did everything wrong. I killed a CBDurban and a Viente Uno also!
I ordered another and grew one over the winter inside and again in the summer. Success ! It grew to over seven feet tall and was massive. I battled mould with all my plants last year but still ended up with over two pounds of bud.
All of my family and friends love it and ask for it over the ‘fire’ weed I grew.
Very tasty, good easy high and great pain relief. I’m popping another right now for this summer’s grow! (Posted on 5/10/2022) Beautiful Small, Bushy, Potent , Smooth tasting and swett smelling Review by Bootsy


Grew this one small on purpose, intending a grow flower from seed. She didnt get trained and ended up with huge leaves, a large main cola with a few side branches and nice fat buds. Got one little hermie flower, but I really does them with light this time, so i expect my fault. The buzz is an intensely nice one which relaxes and seems to lead to introspection. I do not believe the 14% THC (too low), but maybe the high CBD combines to give the super nice buzz. (Posted on 10/13/2021) Classic Staple Review by VictoriousGrow


Vigorous growth and side branching. Scent and taste are of blueberry and haze. The haze dominates after drying. Nugs are large dense cones. Medium-high potency. Indica effects. Canuk delivers a keeper.
4 out 5 – VG rating (Posted on 6/4/2021) Great quality bud Review by David


Exactly as advertised, great quality bud. Not too strong, but thats as expected. (Posted on 2/20/2021) Definitely Grow Again. Review by Papa Pot


Very impressed with this bonus seed. Grew tall and bushy with many kolas and hefty branches. Enjoyed watching this beauty mature in the back yard over a few beers through-out the summer. Definitely grow again! (Posted on 2/17/2021) will grow again Review by brian


grew well outdoor southern Ontario can . large buds good yield cloned well enjoyed by all (Posted on 2/17/2021) Super growth Review by Cropper


This free seed was great.grew outdoors in 100 gallon pot. 563 gram cured bud produced. Amazed (Posted on 1/10/2021) fantastic Review by nik


really good strong plant, took a beating and never hermied, really great flower (Posted on 1/5/2021) Freebies I got last year. Review by Colt 45


Started this seed last November 2019 have kept it going for this whole year with cuttings as I needed using the seed blueberry as a mother. I flowered the mother outdoor this year. It’s looking good still going strong as of today September 28,2020 with lots of white hairs still and figure it’s for about 3 weeks left so one last feeding and 2.5 weeks of water. Fingers crossed the weather stays well And the last of the cuttings come down Mid October to end the life of the blueberry. Definitely worth the buy or a #1 freebie choice.
Langley,BC Canada. (Posted on 9/28/2020) Great genetics right there Review by FE Mike

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I’ve grown many Blueberry strains in the last 20 years. Most of them were great in their own way but if you’re looking for huge sugar coated flowers that smell just like fresh wild blueberries this is the one. Great meds grown all organic under 1000 hps. Thanks Canuk!! (Posted on 8/23/2020) Strong strain Review by Big Raver


got 1 seed as a freebie. It germinated in 2 days and grew vigorously ever since. Got 4 oz off one plant. Clones immensely easy and gives off a great high. Very floral and fruity flavors. Excellent seeds. Highly recommend canuk seeds. (Posted on 8/17/2020) Nice mid level indica Review by CanadianFillmore


Blueberry is a great beginners strain to grow, with a mild flavor and mid level THC, she’s good for those that don’t require a lot, to get a good high. Check out my grows of this strain here (Posted on 7/24/2020) Really good Review by Jenkyllab


The freebies i got were top notch. Covered in trichromes and an excellent smell. (Posted on 5/4/2020) Amazing outdoors, and a freebie! Review by highboy


Got this as a freebie, I grow outdoors at the 45th parallel. I’ve never really liked feminized seeds, but I went ahead and planted it because it was free. It turned out to be my best yielding plant of the season, almost 12 oz from a medium plant, seed planted 4/23 and harvested 10/21. Great taste, sedative head. (Posted on 11/14/2019) Great freebie Review by Michael


Got 4 Oz of amazing flower off a little seed that I expected to die. Runt of the batch, but she held her own and produced some AMAZING flavour. (Posted on 11/10/2019) Quality Review by Peachey


This seed was a freebie and no complaints at all, growing along side some gorilla glue 4 plants, this plant is a little smaller then The gg4 but the plant looks amazing all around! Received 2 toppings and has responded very well! I can’t wait to get these girls outside and see them stretch! (Posted on 5/26/2019) Best freebie ever Review by Slowjimmy


Got as a freebie and was blown away. I kinda lost the handle on it a little and was about to pull the plug on it when I noticed the trichomes starting to build up and knew it was gonna be special. Only 55 grams the first go but probably the best weed I ever smoked. No way are we talking 13%. I didn’t have it tested but friends who have been around we’re very impressed and after three runs of clones still the best in town. Best freebie ever! Many thanks True North another satisfied customer. (Posted on 5/13/2019) Great very fast germination Review by Budofthenorth


Great genetics. All germinated withing 20 hours (Posted on 5/9/2019) Small bushy plant. Review by NICOLE


Small bushy plant
Leaves look exactly like picture
Showed pre flowers early
Sweet smell
About to flip will update (Posted on 4/6/2019) Frosty and takes well to training Review by BigBear


Wish I could add a photo, my buds look like I’ve rolled them in sugar.

I grow small, just upgraded from a 0.36m2 tent to a 0.73m2 tent, and so I have to keep my plants pretty small. I normally grow autos, and this was my first time trying a photo. I had one seed as a freebie from a previous order, so I went for it.

Grew out the seed, took clones, and then let the mother bloom. It was okay, but didn’t really get much from that plant, about 40g.

I ran nine of the clones as a modified SOG topped and trained with two colas each. Ran them in 2L hempy pots with organic nutes.

Nice fat colas, harvested at ten weeks in flower, so right at 70 days. Could have let them go another week, but I need the tent free to do a different run

Got about 150g trimmed and dried koff this run, and I’m pleased. The plant was a champ at handling severe training and trimming with no problems, and the blooms are loaded with trichomes.

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