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Does CBD for dogs with arthritis help? We discuss how CBD can make a difference in your pup's life by helping with joint health and discomfort. Have you been wondering about using CBD for dogs with arthritis? While research is still limited in this area, there are promising signs. Osteoarthritis (OA) is a common ailment in dogs, affecting as many as 25 percent of all canines over the course of their lives. If your pooch has lost some of the spring in her step, seems to have more stiffness after regular activity or shows a reluctance to do things she used to enjoy, OA may be the cause.

The 11 Best CBD for Dogs With Arthritis According to a Veterinarian

What Kind of CBD Oil is Best for Dogs With Arthritis?

Below is our best CBD for dogs with arthritis summary with top picks and reviews.

  • Best CBD Oil for Dogs with Arthritis:Honest Paws Mobility CBD Oil
    Full-spectrum, organic, pet-friendly, and human-grade CBD for dogs with arthritis.
  • Best CBD Treats for Dog Arthritis:Honest Paws Mobility CBD Treats
    Extremely palatable and straightforward to use treats with CBD for dogs with arthritis.
  • Best Price Value CBD for Dogs with Arthritis:Simple Wag CBD Oil
    A simple yet health-boosting and high-quality CBD for dogs with arthritis formula at an affordable price.
  • Best Quality Ingredients in CBD for Dog Arthritis:Four Leaf Rover CBD Oil
    Outstanding, full-spectrum CBD for dogs with arthritis with premium quality ingredients.
  • Broad Spectrum CBD for Dogs with Arthritis:CBDfx
    Organic, chicken-flavored, broad-spectrum CBD with MCT coconut oil as a carrier.
  • Best Organic Ingredients in CBD for Dog Arthritis:Joy Organics CBD Oil
    Carefully selected and combined organic ingredients in CBD for dogs with arthritis.
  • Extra Strength CBD Treats for Dogs with Arthritis:Penelope’s Bloom CBD Treats
    All-natural and oven-baked, high-potency CBD-infused treats for large and giant dogs with arthritis.
  • Unique Food Topper for Arthritic Dogs:Petly CBD Food Topper
    Unusual CBD for dogs with arthritis product in the form of delicious and easy-to-use dog food topper.
  • Most Potent CBD Oil for Arthritic Dogs:4 Corners Cannabis Peanut Butter CBD Tincture for Dogs
    Organic CBD oil made of Colorado-grown hemp and delicious peanut butter flavor availble in high potencies.
  • Softest CBD Treats for Dogs with Arthritis :cbdMD Hip & Joint Soft Chews for Dogs
    Soft, bacon-flavored CBD treats enriched with joint-friendly ingredients like fatty acids and glucosamine.
  • Best Nutrient-Dense CBD treats for Dogs with Arthritis:Lazarus Naturals Joint Support CBD Dog Chews
    Soft chews formualted with full-spectrum CBD and science-backed ingredients that support joint health.

Honest Paws Mobility CBD Oil for Dogs

  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil
  • Third-Party Tested
  • Formulated to Relieve Joint Pain and Inflammation

Is CBD Good for Arthritis in Dogs?

Yes, CBD for dogs with arthritis is good! CBD is a therapeutic and all-around holistic option for dogs struggling with joint pain and inflammation caused by arthritis. Treatments that use NSAIDs to manage pain are effective, but scientific research and anecdotal reports have shown an inadequate ability to reduce arthritic pain caused by canine arthritis. Instead, NSAIDs triggered side effects in senior dogs (55%) with other diseases, mainly GI tract issues.

CBD for dogs with arthritis offers a natural alternative. A recent study by Frontiers, “Pharmacokinetics, Safety, and Clinical Efficacy of Cannabidiol Treatment in Osteoarthritic Dogs” found that CBD causes a “significant decrease and increase in activity” as concluded based on baseline CBPI and Hudson score change. And the great thing is that CBD promotes overall health with minimal negative side effects.

According to another “Pharmacokinetic Study and Clinical Trial on the Use of Cannabinoids to Treat dogs with Osteoarthritis and Multi-Joint Pain” by the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, CBD is “efficacious for pain in dogs with osteoarthritis, chronic joint pain, and geriatric pain and soreness; with dramatic beneficial effects in our more geriatric patients.” Over 80% of the patients that used CBD for dogs with arthritis showed improvement.

  • CBD for dogs with arthritis helps relieve pain and manage inflammation
  • CBD can ease joint stiffness and supports mobility for dogs
  • CBD for dog arthritis can be used in conjunction with mainstream meds
  • Safe to use regularly and in dogs of different ages
  • Honest Paws CBD is organic and human-grade full-spectrum CBD oil
  • The scent can be too strong for some dogs
  • Finding the right dosage for dog arthritis take trial and error
  • The sudden introduction of CBD may cause stomach upsets

How does CBD For Dogs With Arthritis Work?

CBD for dogs with arthritis works by managing joint inflammation and chronic pain. Cannabidiol or CBD does this through its interaction with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). As a regulatory system, ECS supports the dog’s body by maintaining a state of health and balance (homeostasis). All health benefits of CBD stem from its ability to interact with the body’s ECS.

Both clinical trials and anecdotal evidence suggest that CBD for dogs with arthritis is good. Plus, in its report on Cannabidiol, the World Health Organization (WHO) says that “CBD is generally well-tolerated, with a good safety profile.” Yet, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not approve the use of CBD products for pets.

Therefore, to ensure the safe use of CBD oil or treats in arthritic dogs, talking to a trusted veterinarian is a good starting point. The American Veterinary Medical Association points out that vets cannot recommend CBD products. However, they can explain to dog owners everything they need to know about CBD and answer their questions including the medical treatment plan, types of CBD products, dosage, and frequency of dosing.

What are the Benefits of CBD For Dogs With Arthritis?

The health benefits of CBD for dogs with arthritis are pain relief and inflammation management. These effects are proven by numerous studies, and early research on the use of CBD products in arthritic dogs shows promising results.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of CBD for dogs with arthritis:

  • Pain Relief. Animal studies show that CBD can prevent pain. Namely, CBD interacts with the vanilloid TRPV1 receptors in the brain which are critical for the pathways of pain signals. This results in decreased acute, chronic, and neuropathic pain.
  • Reduced Inflammation. The anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD are well-proven as well. Recent research shows that CBD manages inflammation on several levels and is therefore popularly called a novel anti-inflammatory drug.
  • Anxiety Management. Finally, in addition to helping with joint issues, CBD for dogs with arthritis will help with anxiety. A dog with achy joints is likely to be nervous and moody. CBD will promote relaxation.

Plus, as a natural remedy, CBD for dogs with arthritis does not cause adverse side effects. A clinical study from the Colorado State University showed that “CBD is a well-tolerated supplement.” The dogs in the study population did not experience side effects due to CBD oil use.

Do Vets Recommend CBD for Dogs with Arthritis?

Dr. Walker, DVM, says, “ Yes, despite the fact that there is not enough research on the use of CBD in dogs for pain management, I have used it and seen benefits with my own patients and family pets. My mother’s dog Luna underwent surgery on her knee to repair her cruciate ligament. Post-op, she continued lame due to chronic pain. I gave her Honest Paws Mobility CBD Oil and noticed a drastic improvement.

I often see the benefits of using CBD in combination with other products to achieve chronic pain/arthritis in patients, particularly seniors or pets that had any orthopedic surgery. Usually, I recommend CBD in the oil form, preferably to control weight gain in combination with oral supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin. In the more serious cases, I may add anti-inflammatory medications, but those I try to avoid since they are metabolized in the liver or kidneys, and long-term usage is not recommended. CBD is natural arthritic therapy that could be used long-term with no reported damage to any organ. ”

The Best CBD for Dogs With Arthritis Reviewed

Navigating the different CBD brands and finding the right supplement for your dog is challenging. To make things easier, we have selected and reviewed the best CBD for dogs with arthritis products.

Honest Paws Mobility CBD Oil

Hemp Source: USA-grown organic hemp

Extraction Method: CO2 extraction

Potency Options: 125 mg, 250 mg, 500 mg, 1000 mg

Subscription Program: Yes, with discount

  • High-quality full-spectrum CBD oil
  • Formulated for inflammation and pain relief
  • Yields significant improvements in mobility
  • Third-party lab tested for safety
  • Some dogs may dislike the flavor

Review: Pet owners say the Honest Paws CBD oil “works wonders”, “makes a big difference” and their dogs “honestly love the product”. Overall, Honest Paws is the best CBD for dogs with arthritis.

What are Customers Saying about Honest Paws Mobility CBD Oil?

“My dog was diagnosed with a CCL problem. I didn’t want him to undergo surgery. I give him the Mobility CBD oil in his morning and evening meals and he doesn’t appear to notice any taste. I have not seen him limping for months now. I get the CBD automatically every month to save money. I believe it helped my dog’s pain immensely.”
– Alison W.

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“I have had my dogs on the extra strength mobility oil for about a month now and I can definitely say I notice a difference in my 14-year-old girl. I also have a 6yr old dog who has recently had an ACL surgery to repair an injury and I feel that the mobility oil has helped him recover quicker. The oil is easy to give and they don’t seem to mind the taste. I like that this product comes in two strengths as well. I’m going to continue using it as I have been very happy with my dogs being more comfortable and getting around better.”
– Jamie R.

Honest Paws Mobility CBD Treats

Hemp Source: USA-grown organic hemp

Extraction Method: CO2 extraction

Potency Options: 5 mg per chew

Subscription Program: Yes, with discount

  • With full-spectrum CBD oil
  • Free from harmful ingredients
  • Flavorful and easy to use
  • Relieves joint pain and inflammation
  • Only one flavor option

Review: Pet owners say their dogs are “less stiff” and have “no trouble with the steps and are going for longer walks” after starting to use the Honest Paws Mobility treats. Overall, Honest Paws has the best CBD treats for dogs with arthritis.

What are Customers Saying about Honest Paws Mobility CBD Treats?

“Life Changing is the only way to sum up this product. My 7 year old suffers from arthritis and luxeated patella. She was on Gabapetin and Meloxidyl from an injury running and these meds did help, don’t get me wrong….I just didn’t want to keep her on them for a long time as her surgeon date was over a month out from her injury. A friend recommended mobility and I noticed she had more energy, able to walk better, and even did some small stairs. These have become part of her daily treat!”
– Rachael R.

“Our nine year old German shorthair absolutely loves these treats. We love the fact that she looks so much more comfortable running and playing with her younger Aussie brothers. Added benefit is that she appears to be sleeping/napping more comfortably as well – she wakes up refreshed and ready to get outside for her next adventure or just chasing the ball.”
– Dan H

Simple Wag CBD Oil

Summary: Simple Wag is a reliable and trustworthy CBD brand. Its CBD Oils are 100% pure hemp, non-GMO, xylitol-free, gluten-free, and completely organic. In simpler words, Simple Wag offers all the value and quality of a premium brand at a budget-friendly price.

Hemp Source: Organic hemp

Extraction Method: CO2 extraction

Potency Options: 300 mg, 600 mg, 900 mg

Subscription Program: No

  • Full-spectrum CBD oil from organic hemp
  • Reduces arthritic pain and chronic inflammation
  • Eco-friendly bottle packaging
  • Lab-tested, USDA-certified, and made in the US
  • Lower concentrations of other cannabinoids

Review: Pet owners say the Simple Wag CBD oil is “effective” and yields “fast results”. They are also satisfied with the affordable price. Overall, Simple Wag has the best price value CBD for dogs with arthritis.

Four Leaf Rover CBD Oil

Summary: Made by Dogs Naturally, the Four Leaf Rover line of CBD products is of supreme quality and efficacy. The Four Leaf Rover’s CBD Oil is made of US-grown organic hemp. As a full-spectrum option, it contains an array of cannabinoids including CBC, CBN, CBD, CBG, and CBA. The oil is easy to use and available in different potencies.

Hemp Source: Organic hemp

Extraction Method: CO2 extraction

Potency Options: 125 mg, 250 mg, 500 mg, 1000 mg

Subscription Program: Yes, with discount

  • Organic and full-spectrum hemp CBD oil
  • Rich in different cannabinoids
  • Carefully selected natural ingredients
  • Lab-tested and made in the US
  • More expensive than similar products

Review: Pet owners say the Four Leaf Rover CBD oil is a “good product to have on hand” and that it “works in less than two minutes”. Overall, Four Leaf Rover features the best ingredients in CBD for dogs with arthritis.


Summary: CBDfx is a less known CBD brand but with outstanding features. The brand uses high-quality broad-spectrum CBD oil in its formulations and coconut oil as a carrier. The CBDfx CBD oil is vegan and gluten-free. Plus, featuring smoked bacon flavor, the oil is straightforward to give to dogs.

Hemp Source: Human-grade hemp

Extraction Method: CO2 extraction

Potency Options: 250 mg, 500 mg, 1000 mg, 2000 mg

Subscription Program: No

  • High-quality broad-spectrum oil
  • Human-grade ingredients
  • Supercritical CO2 extraction
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Simpler formulation than other oils

Review: Pet owners say the CBDfx CBD Oil is “wonderful” and they have “noticed a big difference after starting to use the oil”. Overall, CBDfx is the best broad-spectrum CBD for dogs with arthritis.

Joy Organics CBD Oil

Summary: Joy Organics is a CBD brand that focuses on compassion, integrity, and excellence. The Joy Organics line of CBD pet products offers treats and oils. Both are made with organic broad-spectrum hemp. The Joy Organics CBD oil is available in two different potencies and is simple to dose and use.

Hemp Source: Organic hemp

Extraction Method: CO2 extraction

Potency Options: 450 mg, 900 mg

Subscription Program: Yes, with discount

  • High-quality and organic CBD oil
  • Organic olive oil as a carrier
  • Completely THC-free (0.0 percent)
  • Lab-tested and USDA-certified
  • Broad-spectrum CBD oil

Review: Pet owners say the Joy Organics CBD oil is a “great product” with “excellent taste and effects”. They are also happy with the customer service. Overall, Joy Organics has the best organic ingredients in CBD for dogs with arthritis.

Penelope’s Bloom CBD Treats

Summary: Penelope’s Bloom is a CBD brand that cares and it works with sustainable ingredients, uses recycled packaging materials, and donates to animal shelters. The Penelope’s Bloom CBD Treats are made specifically for joint issues. With 20 mg of CBD per treat, they are ideal for large and giant dogs with arthritic joints.

Hemp Source: Non-GMO hemp

Extraction Method: CO2 extraction

Potency Options: 10 mg per chew, 20 mg per chew

Subscription Program: Yes, with discount

  • Made of full-spectrum hemp CBD oil
  • Oven-baked with excellent CBD potency
  • With turmeric root and chondroitin
  • Recycled and eco-friendly package
  • Long customer service response time

Review: Pet owners say they “highly recommend” the Penelope’s Bloom CBD treats. They mention their dogs have” a little more pep to step” after using. Overall, Penelope’s Bloom is the best potency CBD treats for dogs with arthritis.

Petly CBD Food Topper

Summary: Petly CBD is relatively new to the CBD pet market but it has already proven its reputability. Petly CBD offers a large selection of CBD pet products. The Petly CBD Food Topper features high-grade, broad-spectrum CBD oil and comes in the form of powder with 20 mg of CBD per scoop. All you need to do is scoop and pour over the dog food.

Hemp Source: Organic hemp

Extraction Method: CO2 extraction

Potency Options: 600 mg

Subscription Program: Yes, with discount

  • Vet-approved CBD dog product
  • Rich in omega fatty acid
  • Delicious natural bacon flavor
  • Free from fillers and allergens
  • The powder tends to form clumps

Review: Pet owners say the Petly CBD Food Topper “really helps” and that “dogs love the bacon flavor”. Overall, Petly CBD is the best CBD food topper for dogs with arthritis.

4 Corners Cannabis Peanut Butter CBD Tincture for Dogs

Summary: This CBD tincture by 4Corners Cannabis is made with organic, full-spectrum hemp and high-quality, food-grade ingredients. As a bonus, it features hemp seed oil as a carrier which is loaded with anti-inflammatory omega fatty acids. The oil has a dog-friendly peanut butter flavor and is available in different potencies.

Hemp Source: Organic hemp

Extraction Method: N/A

Potency Options: 1000 mg, 2000 mg

Subscription Program: Yes, with discount


  • 100% food-grade ingredients
  • Organic, full-spectrum hemp
  • Omega-rich hemp seed oil as a base
  • Delicious peanut butter flavor
  • Free from limonene and additives


  • No info about the extraction method

Review: Pet owners are raving about this CBD product. They say they “love the company” and are pleased with the customer support team and fast shipping.

cbdMD Hip & Joint Soft Chews for Dogs

Summary: The cbdMD Hip & Joint Chews are an excellent product for arthritic dogs. They are made with broad-spectrum CBD oil and enriched with ingredients that support joint health, such as glucosamine and omega fatty acids. The chews come in three different potencies and are bacon-flavored. Plus, they are soft and suitable for puppies and older dogs.

Hemp Source: USA-grown hemp

Extraction Method: N/A

Potency Options: 5 mg per chew, 10 mg per chew, 20 mg per chew

Subscription Program: Yes, with discount


  • Soft-textured chews
  • Rich in glucosamine and omegas
  • Gluten-free and THC-free
  • Third-party tested for quality & safety
  • Available in a tasty bacon flavor


  • Not a full-spectrum formula
  • No info about the extraction method
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Review: Customers say their dogs are “more comfortable” after using the chews and their “dogs love them.” They give them an overall score of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Lazarus Naturals Joint Support CBD Dog Chews

Summary: Priced at $0.07 per mg of CBD oil, the salmon-flavored Lazarus Naturals Joint Support CBD Dog Chews are both affordable and efficient. They are made with ethanol-extracted, full-spectrum CBD oil and organic ingredients like pumpkin, garbanzo beans, and salmon oil. They also feature science-backed joint-friendly ingredients like collagen, glucosamine, and essential fatty acids.

Hemp Source: Organic hemp

Extraction Method: Ethanol-based process

Potency Options: 10 mg per chew

Subscription Program: No


  • Organic, full-spectrum CBD treats
  • With collage, glucosamine, and omegas
  • Enriched with pumpkin & curcumin powders
  • Delicious, dog-approved salmon flavor
  • Affordable and competitive price


  • Not made with CO2 extraction

Review: Dog parents are delighted with these CBD treats and describe them as a “game changer.” They are also pleased with the potency options and the strength of the chews.

How can I Use CBD for Dogs With Arthritis?

There is a variety of CBD pet products from oils to treats to food toppers. A recent survey showed that 60 percent of pet parents prefer using CBD treats over CBD oils.

CBD oils ensure a more effective oral dosing with quicker results and are cost-effective for larger dogs. However, many dogs have a hard time swallowing the bitter CBD oils. On the other hand, CBD treats are easy to use, as they usually feature dog-friendly flavors. Basically, the benefits of CBD oil are the fast results while the treats are easier to use.

Before using CBD talk to your vet. CBD affects liver enzymes (alkaline phosphatase) which may alter the metabolism of other drugs due to the induction of cytochrome p450. This usually refers to meds for seizures and there is little evidence it affects meds for canine arthritis. Anyway, it is worth checking before starting to give your dog CBD pet oils or CBD dog treats.

How Much CBD Should I Give My Dog for Arthritis Pain?

A general CBD dosage guideline is to fall within the range of 1-5 mg of CBD per 10lbs of body weight.

Many brands also offer different potency levels of CBD oil. The strength of CBD oil you choose will also impact the dosage you give your dog. Here is a breakdown of the amount of CBD in each of our oils here at Honest Paws:

  • Our 125 mg strength bottle of CBD oil for small dogs under 25lbs contains 4 mg of CBD oil in a full 1 mL dropper.
  • Our 250 mg strength bottle of CBD oil for medium dogs around 25-50lbs contains 8 mg of CBD oil in a full 1 mL dropper.
  • Our 500 mg strength bottle of CBD oil for large dogs over 50lbs contains 16 mg of CBD oil in a full 1 mL dropper.
  • Our 10000 mg strength bottle of CBD oil for extra strength contains 32 mg of CBD oil in a full 1 mL dropper.

There can be mild adverse side effects of CBD oil in dogs after the first dosage, such as diarrhea, lethargy, dry mouth, and lowered blood pressure. The good news is a dog cannot overdose on CBD oil . So, if you give your dog too much CBD you may see some adverse effects, but hemp-derived CBD cannot kill your dog.

As a rule of thumb, it is always best to start with a lower dose of CBD and work your way up to the recommended amount which will reduce the risk of potential side effects. Once you have found the perfect dose for your pet, administer it daily to see an improvement in your dog’s quality of life and arthritis symptoms.

How Long does it Take for CBD Oil to Work on Dogs for Arthritis?

Usually, it takes between 2 and 4 weeks for CBD for dogs with arthritis to start working. While the exact timeframe depends on the dog’s arthritis severity and the CBD’s quality, in most cases, dogs begin to experience inflammation and pain relief within 2 to 4 weeks.

How do I Choose CBD for Dog Arthritis?

The best CBD for dogs with arthritis is the Honest Paws mobility CBD oil. The CBD is full-spectrum and extracted using the CO2 method. Plus, it is made from USA-grown organic hemp, vegan, and human-grade. But, let’s take at some additional factors you need to consider when choosing CBD for dog arthritis:

  • Added Ingredients. The CBD for dogs with arthritis should be enriched with natural and condition-specific ingredients. In the case of arthritis, such ingredients include glucosamine, chondroitin, fish oil, vitamin C, and turmeric.
  • Simple Use. The CBD for dogs with arthritis should be easy to use for the owner and acceptable for the arthritic dog. Luckily, dog CBD products come in different forms (oil, chews, peanut butter) and flavors (chicken, beef, bacon).
  • Price. Finally, you should consider the price of CBD for dogs with arthritis. Arthritis is a chronic condition meaning you will be using the supplement for a long time. Therefore, it is important to find a product that is affordable.

As you can see, the Honest Paws Mobility CBD Oil and the Mobility CBD Soft Chews check these boxes. Plus, the brand is trustworthy and reliable. The 5-star ratings and over 113K satisfied customers are excellent proof of the brand’s reputability.

CBD for dogs with arthritis: What does the science actually say?

Have you been wondering about using CBD for dogs with arthritis?

There’s a lot of buzz around using CBD as a treatment for arthritis in dogs. However, it’s important to separate the rumors from real science and anecdotal owner experiences.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common claims surrounding CBD for canine arthritis, and whether there’s evidence to back them up.

First, what exactly is CBD?

CBD is the non-psychoactive extract of the cannabis plant. Once extracted, CBD is often infused into oils, balms, or treats to help deliver the extract to the body.

CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is one of many cannabis compounds called cannabinoids. These compounds are known to have soothing and therapeutic effects. In fact, a majority of CBD products actually contain several cannabinoids, with CBD being the primary ingredient. Other popular cannabinoids include CBC, CBG, and CBN.

CLAIM: CBD can make dogs high – No

In the pet industry, all CBD is extracted from hemp plants, not marijuana. This helps guarantee that CBD products for dogs cannot cause a high. To remain federally legal, the hemp plants themselves must contain less than 0.3% THC, which is the cannabinoid primarily responsible for creating a psychoactive effect when inhaled or eaten.

CLAIM: CBD for dogs is illegal – No

Since amendments to the Federal Farm Bill in 2018, hemp containing less than 0.3% THC (otherwise known as Industrial Hemp), can be legally grown, sold, and possessed. This allows both humans and dogs to safely experience the benefits of hemp-made CBD products.

At a state level, there are a few specific additions or alterations to CBD laws. For example, in Idaho, CBD products must contain 0% THC and not 0.3%. Ask your veterinarian about specific laws in your state that they might be aware of.

CLAIM: CBD can oil cure canine arthritis – NO

First, it’s important to note that there is no cure for arthritis – there are just different treatment options to help manage pain and inflammation and keep dogs active.

The increased popularity of pet CBD has led to an influx of rave reviews and social media posts from owners who have tried CBD with their dogs. Among these, perhaps the most common observation is that taking CBD has helped their pup to improve their mobility and reduce joint pain.

While these reports are highly encouraging, it’s important to remember that they usually describe CBD’s effects on symptoms, not arthritis itself. Some studies have reported beneficial effects lasting for a short while after CBD treatment is stopped (see below).

If you are considering using CBD for your dog, please tell your veterinarian and always inform them about how much and how often your dog takes it, along with all other medications or supplements your dog takes.

CLAIM: CBD is anti-inflammatory – There is some evidence to suggest there are anti-inflammatory benefits.

Indications are that CBD does have an anti-inflammatory effect on many dogs. It’s able to do this by interacting with receptors (called CB1 and CB2 receptors) in a part of dogs’ bodies called the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

The ECS is found in almost all mammals, including humans. Scientists believe the ECS is responsible for maintaining balance inside the body, releasing hormones, and stimulating responses to modulate how organs respond to external stimuli. The ECS is known to modulate pain signals and the activation of inflammation.

Through the CB receptors, CBD affects how the ECS activates pain and inflammatory responses, helping dogs to experience reduced pain and swelling.

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CLAIM: CBD can help alleviate common symptoms of canine arthritis – Yes, for some pets

Because the major types of canine arthritis are inflammatory conditions, CBD might be able to help reduce associated pain, swelling, and mobility issues in many dogs.

While studies on CBD’s ability to treat symptoms of arthritis in animals are very limited – and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) is advocating for more well-controlled clinical research and for manufacturers to seek approval from the FDA to assure safety and quality – there are some encouraging signs.

For example, in 2018, a study by Cornell University tested CBD’s effects on dogs with osteoarthritis and found it clearly improved levels of comfort and mobility when compared to a placebo.

In 2020, a similar study found that CBD was associated with reduced joint pain and quality of life in dogs, while a veterinary study published in the journal Pain also found CBD decreases canine pain while increasing mobility.

The bottom line

With so many dogs developing mobility issues, joint pain, and arthritic conditions as they age, the demand for treatments is growing. Managing canine arthritis is best accomplished by taking a multi-pronged approach that includes:

  • Regular pain management, including NSAIDs
  • Regular, low-impact exercise like walking or underwater treadmill use
  • Maintaining an ideal weight and body condition
  • Supplements that include anti-inflammatory properties such as CBD can be a part of a comprehensive treatment plan but they are not intended to be the only or even primary approach to managing arthritis.

While research into CBD benefits in animals is relatively limited, there is starting to be evidence that CBD products can provide arthritis relief by reducing inflammation and pain in dogs with joint issues, resulting in increased mobility.

When considering CBD for their dog, owners should look for pet-specific products made from Industrial Hemp. Always talk to your veterinary team whenever starting any new treatment, supplement, or medication with your dog.

CBD Oil for Dogs with Arthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a common ailment in dogs, affecting as many as 25 percent of all canines over the course of their lives. If your pooch has lost some of the spring in her step, seems to have more stiffness after regular activity or shows a reluctance to do things she used to enjoy, OA may be the cause.

Unfortunately, osteoarthritis—aka arthritis—is a progressive disease, and it is important to have a veterinarian assess your dog at the first signs of pain or changes in mobility. Developing an early treatment plan is critical to doing all you can to slow the damage this degenerative condition can do to your dog’s joints as she ages.

This article takes a close look at the role CBD oil may play in a veterinarian-approved treatment plan for OA, as well as at the scientific research that demonstrates the great promise this natural supplement offers for relief from both the pain and inflammation associated with it.

If you want to know if CBD oil can help your dog with arthritis, we hope this article will assist you in making an informed decision as well as give you a starting point for a conversation with your vet about safe treatment options for your furry friend.


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2015 study points out that the number of adverse side effects from NSAIDs reported to the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine is higher than for any other veterinary drug currently prescribed. Of particular concern, as this study notes, is the possibility of renal damage and/or failure as a result of using NSAIDs for chronic conditions.

A systematic review reported on in 2013 looked at the results of 35 studies and 29 clinical trials that investigated the use of NSAIDs in dogs. It found that as many as 55 percent of the studies reported significant negative side effects with this class of drugs. It may be worse for dogs with OA; as its authors noted, most of the dogs used in the research they looked at were from a young and healthy population. Since it is known that NSAIDs are more likely to be a problem for older dogs, this gives owners of senior dogs plenty of reason to pause and consider their options before jumping right into long-term NSAID therapy for their pets.

In fact, the FDA describes the veterinary use of NSAIDs with the following words of caution: “Owners and veterinarians should carefully consider the potential benefits and risks of using an NSAID and other treatment options before deciding to use an NSAID. Use the lowest effective dose for the shortest duration consistent with individual response.”

Given that veterinarians already know that long-term use of NSAIDs, particularly in older dogs or those with compromised liver or kidney function, is potentially dangerous—even deadly—the search for a safe treatment for pain and inflammation has been a significant priority in vet medicine.

Not only are cannabinoid receptors found throughout healthy joint tissue, they are also found in surprising concentrations in degenerated chondrocytes (joint cells) in human OA patients. Researchers believe that these cells may respond to treatment with cannabinoids.

In fact, a few recent studies, including this one, have shown that cannabidiol may even play a role in preventing the degeneration of joints and progression of pain associated with OA. This is big news for sufferers of osteoarthritis, be they human or canine.

changes to the laws regarding hemp may soon remove that barrier to researching the benefits this natural plant may have for our pets’ health.

One of the most relevant studies that owners of dogs with arthritis should be aware of was conducted by the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University in 2018. Researchers administered a full-spectrum CBD oil to dogs with OA at an oral dosage of either 2 mg or 8 mg per kg twice daily.

The dogs in the study were assessed before the trial began, as well as at two and four weeks into treatment. The researchers found that the 2 mg-per-pound dose effectively reduced the dogs’ visible signs of pain and significantly improved their activity and mobility.

Is CBD Safe for Dogs with Osteoarthritis?

Significantly, in the study cited above, no side effects of treatment were observed at either dose. Also, there were no indications of any psychoactive effects, despite the fact that the full-spectrum CBD oil the researchers used contained trace amounts of THC. This builds on other research demonstrating the safety of appropriately calibrated cannabinoids for dogs.

What About Full-Spectrum CBD Oil for Canine OA?

One other question many dog owners have about the use of hemp or CBD oil has to do with the safety of a full-spectrum CBD oil for their dog. As might be inferred from the term, full-spectrum oils contain the full range of trace compounds (known as cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes) found in the source hemp, including trace amounts of THC (.3 percent or less, by law).

Many pet owners think that since dogs are known to be sensitive to high levels of THC, a full-spectrum product may not be safe.

However, this is not the case. By law, hemp contains extremely low amounts of THC, well under the threshold known to be safe for dogs. As long as you purchase a full-spectrum CBD oil made just for pets and follow dosing guidelines, it is perfectly safe for your dog.

In fact, many pet owners report that a full-spectrum CBD oil was more effective than CBD oils made with an isolated form of CBD.

This is backed up by research. Scientists refer to this phenomenon as the “entourage effect.” Dozens of studies on cannabis-based medicines have shown that the trace amounts of THC and other cannabinoids found in full spectrum CBD oils may well enhance the pain- and inflammation-relieving properties of these natural compounds.

LolaHemp, to your companion’s daily supplements to help safely ease the pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis in dogs.

CBD may help you and your vet work out a treatment plan that reduces the use of potentially dangerous NSAIDs, and in some cases, eliminates them altogether. However, since cannabidiol can interact with other medications, it is important to have the conversation with your vet before adopting this strategy—to put your dog’s whole health needs first.

A final word of caution: Even though CBD is available without a prescription, it is critical to make sure that whatever product you use, it is formulated specifically for dogs. CBD products made for people can sometimes have high amounts of THC or other additives (such as artificial sweeteners) that can be toxic to dogs.

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