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Try this easy to take CBD oil with Bluebird's 15mg/serving CBD Oil Soft Gels. Shop now. CBD Soft Gel 15 mg -Irwin Naturals CBD is from full sprectrum hemp grown in the USA. Our CBD liquid soft gel supplements come in CBD potency of 10 or 30 mg Mendi's no THC CBD Gel Capsules are vegan, non-GMO and packed with 25mg of sustainably grown high quality CBD per capsule. Calm your mind and kick start your recovery.

Classic CBD Oil Soft Gels

Classic CBD Soft Gels feature our most popular blend encapsulated in soft gels for simple, portable wellness.
• Full-spectrum hemp extract – 15 mg of CBD per soft gel
• Organic fractionated coconut oil (MCT)

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How to use Classic CBD Soft Gels:

Take one soft gel capsule by mouth up to four times per day or as directed by a medical professional. Do not exceed four soft gels (four servings) per day.

Keep a daily log to track any changes over time. Note any physical sensations you experience both before and after taking CBD.

After two weeks of daily use, if you’re not experiencing the desired effects, you can try taking an additional serving or two as long as you stay within the limits of your product’s daily maximum number of servings. Or, you can try a more concentrated product for stronger results.

New to CBD? Check out our FAQs and glossary of helpful terms

About Classic CBD Oil Capsules

Our Classic CBD blend features a full-spectrum extract with 15 mg of CBD per serving to support a healthy immune response, manage daily physical stressors, and support recovery from post-exercise inflammation.†

Clean ingredients you can see.

Every ingredient and final batch of product is tested by accredited third-party labs for potency and purity from harmful levels of contaminants. You don’t have to take our word for it, either. View your product’s test results with your own eyes.

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Latest lab results for hemp:

What does CBD do?

Hemp extracts contain a variety of cannabinoids, including CBD, that interact with the endocannabinoid system. These cannabinoids bind to specific receptors throughout the brain and body, primarily in the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. This regulates the endocannabinoid system and promotes homeostasis and overall wellness.

Learn about our THC content.

Our full-spectrum products contain up to 0.3% THC by dry weight.

≤ 0.75 mg per serving

≤ 22.5 mg per 30 ct container

≤ 45 mg per 60 ct container

≤ 90 mg per 120 ct container

WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including Δ9 -THC which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to P65Warnings.

By shopping with Bluebird, you’re not only making a healthier choice for yourself and your loved ones. You’re helping us make the world a happier place.


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This website contains general information about diet, health and nutrition. The information is not advice and is not a substitute for advice from a healthcare professional.

*Based on third-party HPLC analysis. ** Based on government limit of detection protocols. ***Leading competitor pricing and comparable savings percentages are based on the full retail pricing of select competitors and one or more similar product offerings analyzed at a certain date. Such competitive pricing can change without notice and can impact the competitive savings and pricing analysis. Our commitment is to continued transparency and this pricing analysis will be updated every three months.

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CBD Soft Gels: 15 mg

Our 15 mg soft gels are one of our Best Selling Products and great for first-time buyers. Each soft gel contains 15 mg CBD and 900 mg per bottle.

  • USA Grown: We use full-spectrum hemp extract grown in the USA.
  • 15 mg of CBD: Each serving provides 15 mg of CBD.
  • Premium Quality: Our goal is to bring you targeted formulas with quality ingredients at effective levels.

Cannabinoids are naturally produced in our bodies.

They act on the endocannabinoid system, which regulates pain, mood, memory, stress-response, immune function, sleep, appetite and a host of other things. Supplementing with CBD, a plant-based cannabinoid, may have a beneficial impact on this system.*

Liquid Soft Gel Delivery

The nutrients in our CBD Liquid Soft Gel supplements are released fast. Other forms of delivery contain binders and fillers that may cause stomach upset and offer no nutritional value. Advanced CBD Liquid Soft Gels provide a premium easy-to-swallow delivery system that allows us to combine our Full Spectrum Hemp Extract with nutritious oils such as Flaxseed Oil, and MCT Oil for additional nutritional benefits. But wait! We didn’t stop there. Every CBD Liquid Soft Gel includes our special Bioperine Complex which enhances the bioavailability, absorption and potency of many nutrients.

No THC CBD Gel Caps

CBD made easy. Our all-natural, vegan No THC Gel Caps are flavorless and the ultimate convenience for your on-the-go lifestyle. Each No THC Gel Cap contains 25mg of sustainably sourced hemp-derived CBD.

Featured Ingredients

Hemp Extract

Peppermint Oil

Tapioca Starch

Coconut Oil

How to Use

No THC Gel Caps interact with your Endocannabinoid System (ECS) to manage pain, inflammation, and promote better sleep. Each gel cap contains 25mg of CBD and you can enjoy the benefits for up to 4-6 hours..

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3rd Party Tested

Ingredients: Serving size – 1 Gel Cap 25mg CBD
Tapioca Starch, Coconut Oil, Glycerin, Water, Peppermint Oil, Kolliphor HS 15 (bioavailability enhancer).

Our tamper proof bottle may require a firm grip.

1 gel capsule = 25mg CBD.

Enjoy a calmer day and a renewed sense of focus.

Helps tremendously with my arthritis – reduces pain and inflamation. Important to not have any THC for any employer that does drug tests.


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Our gel caps come in a child-resistant bottle. This makes them slightly tricky to open at first. To open, apply pressure downwards, and turn counter-clockwise at least half a turn. From there, keep turning counter-clockwise until the lid comes fully unscrewed.

How many CBD Gel Caps should I take?

We recommend a low and slow approach. One gel cap contains 25 mg of CBD and we suggest starting with a one cap dose. If you’re interested in increasing your dose for greater benefits, experiment with building up to a two cap dose over time.

When should I take CBD Gel Caps?

Gel caps are our most versatile product. Because they are flavorless and easy to pack in a bag, they are a great option anytime of day to help reduce pain, balance mood, and even help you sleep!

How are the CBD Gel Caps different from the CBD Gummies?

Both our gummies and gel caps contain 25mg of CBD per dose (1 gummy vs. 1 gel cap). The gummies are fruit flavored and contain some sugar, whereas the gel caps are flavorless. So, it’s largely a matter of personal preference. Some folks love the candy-like taste of the gummies, and some prefer the ease of use and pill-like form of the gel caps.

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