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I Tried Tommy Chong’s Good Vibes Protocol, And It Changed EVERYTHING

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“WOW.. you haven’t danced with me like that in YEARS! I don’t know what you’re doing, but keep it up… It’s nice having the old you back”

I hadn’t realized how constantly tired and sore I was till my wife pointed it out.

Of course, I weigh myself often enough to know I’d put on a few pounds… and the ever-increasing daily coffee habit told me I was slowing down.

But I never realized how “grumpy” I was all the time. I just thought that feeling tired every day was “normal” at my age.

Like a lot of people, I’ve tried tons of different pills, potions, and health fads over the years.

I’ve tried every diet from Keto to vegan (for about a week). I’ve tried running, weightlifting, yoga, CrossFit, and crazy resistance band workouts.

All I’ve got to show for it is a basement full of nonsense gadgets and machines.

I wouldn’t say that I’ve tried everything, but you could say that I’ve tried most things.

Most of them worked… a little, and for a while. But, sooner or later, ‘normal’ life would creep back in and I’d find myself back where I started.

As I approached middle age it seemed like every year made me

  • A little slower…
  • A little more tired…
  • A little more sore.

I’d spent a good chunk of my life trying to stay fit and healthy, but then found myself just trying to keep up.

Most nights, it was hard to get a decent night’s sleep. I don’t remember anyone warning me about that. How did my body forget how to SLEEP? (I’ve been doing it my whole life…) In the morning, it would take me over an hour to “warm-up” and feel like myself.

By lunchtime, I was dragging.

Where the hell had my energy gone?

Like almost everyone I know, my weight kept creeping up. Pants that didn’t fit started showing up in the “donate to goodwill” box with shocking regularity.

When I started working from home last spring, I thought it would be the perfect time to “take back my health!”

I’d use the time I normally spent on my commute to get in a good workout and go for a long walk.

And instead of fast-food lunches 3-4 times a week, I’d cook something healthy at home. Maybe even skip lunch and try that “intermittent fasting” thing my friends are always talking about.

I hoped I’d come out of the lockdown feeling (and looking) ten years younger… maybe 20 if I squint… But it definitely didn’t shake out that way.

Everything started getting WORSE, not better

Could have been the stress. My wife and I were both suddenly working from home (with two teenagers in the house).

Days started to blur together into one big mass of sweatpants and microwave lunches.

I felt like I was sleepwalking through my days and then tossing and turning all night.

I never felt rested or refreshed

I never had any energy

My mood was garbage and it was stressing my family

The breaking point came when I caught myself reading the directions on a bottle of over the counter pain pills to see exactly how many I could take in a day…

Wondering if I could safely double it by mixing and matching different brands. I was on a constant supply just to be able to sit in my desk chair during the day without my neck and back screaming at me.

I even started working from the couch alternating between hot pads and ice packs.

As usual, my wife found the answer.

As uncomfortable as I was, I would have gone on that way forever thinking it was normal.

Luckily, my wife wasn’t quite ready to spend the rest of her life married to a grumpy lump who leaves ice pack rings on the couch.

I know what you’re thinking… Tommy Chong? The guy from the Cheech and Chong movies?

Yep… THAT Tommy Chong.

I told her FLAT OUT “Look, I’m not interested in anything called ‘Good Vibes’. What is that, some kind of pot brownie?”

I had tried CBD before… I’d heard all the promises… and tried several brands… Oils, pills, even gummy bears…

And NADA. No change. Didn’t do a thing for me. And I wasn’t the only one. I asked friends of mine, and most of us had tried CBD before and none of us were still using it.

I told my wife “Look, you know that stuff never works for me. It’s all a load of BS. Are you sure it’s not some kind of scam?”

“I checked it out. It looks legit” she said. “Just look at it. The endorsement is real. Tommy talks about it on his personal website and social media. And they have a money-back guarantee. So if you don’t like it, it didn’t cost us anything.”

I told her I’d take a look.

Then she let me know we already had some on the way. She had gone ahead and bought a 1-month supply for me to try…

She figured I’d keep putting it off for weeks or months, and she wasn’t willing to wait for me to catch on.

I am SO GLAD she took the leap for me.

Considering there was already an order on the way, I decided to learn more about Tommy Chong’s Good Vibes

No big surprise, but my wife was right (don’t tell her I said that)…

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. Tommy Chong is probably the most recognizable name in hemp by a long shot.

But the thing that really sets Tommy Chong’s Good Vibes apart, is the science. See, Good Vibes is made from a special kind of CBD that’s designed to be up to 15 TIMES more effective than normal CBD.

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It’s called Nano CBD and it changed my life.

The Nano Difference

There’s tons of science on Nano CBD and why it’s so much better for you, that you can read on Tommy’s Site, but here’s the way I understand it:

CBD is oil-soluble, which means it dissolves in oil, not water. That makes it not bad at absorbing into your body, which is primarily made of water.

And, the little droplets of oil (called liposomes) tend to stick together which makes them way too big to be absorbed by your body.

In fact, up to 95% of normal CBD gets wasted by your liver and flushed away.

Nano CBD is the opposite.

The liposomes are broken down so they’re TINY and slip directly into your bloodstream, which is where they need to be in order to do any good.

And what Tommy’s team does is divide the CBD into two different tinctures. One, called Good Vibes, helps you improve your mood, focus and energy during the day.

And the other, Nice Dreams, is designed to help you get better sleep at night.

My Experience

The box arrived in just a couple of days directly from the Post Office.

With all the reading I’d been doing, I was definitely chomping at the bit to give it a try. My mail comes in the afternoon. So I decided to try a dropper of Good Vibes (the daytime formula) first.

Between you and me, I was WAY more excited to try Nice Dreams (the nighttime drops) but that would have to wait a few hours.

This wasn’t like any other CBD I’d ever tried. Unlike most CBD oils, Nano CBD is water-based, so it was thin and clear, not sticky and brown.

The taste was really light and pleasant. Kind of fruity with no aftertaste. (My wife tried a dropper too and said she noticed an after-taste, though I didn’t).

The biggest difference was how it made me feel though…

I held the drops under my tongue for a minute or so, then swallowed the rest and went about the rest of my afternoon not expecting much.

Boy was I surprised!

20 Minutes

Within just 20 minutes, I felt a noticeable surge in energy… Like I had just taken a light nap or gone for a brisk walk.

In fact, that’s exactly what I felt like doing. I wanted to get out of my chair and get some fresh air!

I was under a deadline, so I kept my butt parked in the chair until I’d turned in the article I was working on.

Speaking of the chair, I noticed that it wasn’t as uncomfortable on my back as it usually is.

1 Hour

I really started to notice improvements in my mood and focus. I was much more motivated to write than I normally am at 4pm.

The effect was subtle but noticeable, so I jotted it down.

Later that night

After ending my workday, we sat down for dinner with the kids. I didn’t notice anything specific during dinner, but after, I had the strong urge to go for a walk.

So my wife and I took a stroll around the neighborhood and we both felt pleasantly energetic considering the long day we’d both had.

After a couple of hours of T.V. it was time for bed, and time for me to crack open my bottle of Nice Dreams.

After holding the berry flavored drops under my tongue for about 30 seconds, I went on with my normal bedtime routine.

I wish I could tell you what the rest of the evening was like. But I can’t because I was asleep within 15 minutes. That hasn’t happened in YEARS.

No tossing or turning trying to find the perfect position.

I just laid down in the bed after brushing my teeth and it was like someone turned the lights out.

The big difference was the following morning.

I slept through the night, about 7 hours, and woke up feeling like I’d slept for 12.

I hadn’t felt so rested in ages.

Those drops really did give me Nice Dreams, as silly as that sounds.

That first day, I knew there was something different about Tommy Chong’s Good Vibes. It was unlike anything else I’d ever tried.

But it only got better from there.

Each day, I wake up and take a full dropper of Good Vibes to start my morning. If it’s a weekend, I sometimes even skip my normal cup of coffee.

During the day, I’ve gotta say, I’ve noticed that I’m more motivated to tackle my daily schedule. As strange as it sounds, I feel like I’m even eating better.

I guess getting a better night’s sleep makes me less tempted to snack on junk food. I find I enjoy healthy food more than I did even a month ago.

I even took a pair of my favorite pants back out of the Goodwill box because they fit again.

I reached out to the company to tell them about my experience, and it turns out I’m not the only one.

When we decided to feature Tommy Chong’s CBD here on Men’s Journal, they allowed us to reach out to other customers to get their honest feedback.

And they also put together an amazing offer just for our readers.

My first order of Good Vibes cost just $59 for a one month supply.

And anyone who’s bought CBD before knows that’s an amazing price already. After trying it out for a week, I went back and ordered more and they actually hooked me up with a nice discount for buying multiple month’s worth.

But the deal they put together for Men’s Journal readers has me feeling jealous. Tommy Chong’s number one focus is letting everyone who needs Good Vibes try it.

So, for a limited time, he’s set aside bottles to let people try for only $10 on his subscribe and save plan.

Seriously. $10 for the same product I happily paid $59 for. (Full Disclosure: I have since received several free bottles from the company while writing this article.)

Here’s how it works…

Tommy has set aside a special reserve of Good Vibes and Nice Dreams bottles specifically for this promotion, and he’s letting them go for only $10. Privately, he shared with me that it actually costs them more than that to make the product.

So you can try Good Vibes and Nice Dreams for just $10 by trying out our subscribe and save plan. That’s not $10 each. It’s $10 TOTAL.

Now, this isn’t some sketchy “free trial” where the company will try to stuff a bunch of hidden charges on your card after they send your “free bottle”.

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This is a legitimate subscribe and save plan, where your first order is only $10 with no hidden charges or weird billing shenanigans.

And this isn’t some tiny sample size that will barely last you 5 days.

It’s a full 30-day supply of both Good Vibes and Nice Dreams for just $10. (Technically, it’s only $9.95. I still have no idea why people price things that way)

Here’s the cool part. If you love it, they’ll send you another in 30 days for only $49 — a discount of 40% off the normal price on their website! (and STILL less than I paid)

That’s right, this isn’t some crazy 14, 10, or 7 days “free trial”. You get a full 30 days to decide whether or not Tommy Chong’s Good Vibes is right for you.

And if you don’t like it, for any reason AT ALL, all you gotta do is call them toll-free at 833-667-3223 or send them an email to [email protected]

Not only will they cancel your monthly subscription… They’ll happily refund your $10 as their way of saying thanks for giving it a try.

All you have to do is click this link and checkout for $9.95. A full 30 Day supply of Tommy Chong’s Good Vibes will be on its way to your doorstep.

I hope it changes your life the same way it did mine and thousands of other people who have become lifetime customers of Tommy Chong’s CBD.

And if not, I’m so happy that the company has a LIFETIME money-back guarantee to let you know you’re protected.

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Tommy Chong’s CBD Review

Are you looking for CBD that’s strong AND highly absorbable? Who isn’t.

Unfortunately this is a hard balance to strike when creating CBD, and few companies have come close.

That’s why Tommy Chong has set out on a mission to create products that combine potency and efficacy better than ever, and let’s just say he’s cracked the code.

How you ask? With a little something called “nanoemulsion,” but more on that in a sec.

What You Really Need To Know About Tommy Chong’s CBD

Here’s the Deal:

He’s always had a love for cannabis – there’s no arguing that.

Tommy Chong—most famously known for his part in the comedic duo, Cheech and Chong, has turned his passion for cannabis into a THC-free brand of CBD that’s helping thousands of people nationwide.

And in addition to containing zero THC, there’s something extra-special about Tommy Chong’s hemp products…

He’s leveraged the power of “Nano CBD”, which is showing a HUGE increase in the health benefits for CBD consumers.

Video: 3 Things I Love And 1 Thing I Hate About Tommy Chong’s CBD

What Is Nano CBD?

To put it simply, Nano CBD increases the bioavailability of CBD in your body.

Which basically means that you’re able to absorb MORE of the cannabinoids you’re consuming.

And what’s sad is that most CBD products on the market aren’t very bioavailable.

For instance:

When you pay $80 for your average CBD oil and take, say, 20 milligrams of it, 80% of that is just flushed out of your body.

Thus, your body is only absorbing a mere 20%, which equates to a measly 4 milligrams…

This is where nano CBD is revolutionizing cannabidiol as we know it.

What Makes Nano CBD Better?

Because when a CBD molecule is coated with lipid nanoparticles through a process called nanoemulsion, it becomes more compatible with our bodies.

This means nano CBD can move through the bloodstream quicker and more efficiently than “naked” CBD.

Imagine how much better you would feel if you absorbed 80% of that 20 mg? Well, with Tommy Chong’s premium line of nano CBD products, that’s exactly what you’re getting.

“This means nano CBD can move through the bloodstream quicker and more efficiently than ‘naked’ CBD.”

The Perks of Tommy Chong’s Nano CBD

Tommy Chong is definitely onto something…

He calls his line of CBD “The Choice of Legends”, and just from testing his five most popular CBD products, I feel like I’m becoming more of a legend by the milligram.

And this is because Nano CBD comes with its entourage of perks…

For instance, when you consume high-quality CBD like Tommy Chong’s 1000 mg Full Spectrum CBD Tincture, here’s what you’re getting:

1.) You’re able to consume less while actually feeling MORE of the benefits (AKA, a better bang for your buck).

2.) A carefully curated line of CBD products that you can take any time of day—morning, afternoon, and evening. Each of his products is labeled with the best time of day to take it, which means no more guesswork for you.

3.) The health benefits will last longer and feel stronger.

So if you’re deciding whether to opt for regular CBD or nano CBD, I’d definitely go for the nano. Your body will thank you for it.

Which CBD Product Is Best For Me?

Thanks to Tommy Chong’s line of “good vibes” as he calls it, you can have a CBD product for every occasion…

1. Nano Topicals Target Pain at the Source

Tommy Chong’s CBD topicals are my go-to for aches and pains.

Sore after a hard workout? Have a nagging injury that just won’t go away?

This CBD Freeze Gel will be your best friend.

With active ingredients like menthol and camphor, you’ll feel a deep cooling sensation in mere seconds with powerful relief that lasts for hours. It’s one of the best soothing pain relievers for those post-workout feels.

And that’s not all.

My other favorite topical from Tommy Chong’s CBD is the CBD Muscle Balm, which is a lifesaver that I not only use after exercise but also multiple times throughout my workday.

Menthol, camphor, cinnamon extract, chondroitin, glucosamine, and methylsulfonylmethane combine to create a soothing heat that relieves aching muscles and joints.

But the best part?

You can choose between concentrations of 100 and 500 mg of CBD depending on your needs and the severity of your pain.

My #1 tip:

Keep this at your desk and apply it whenever you feel your neck and shoulders start to tense up. This will help alleviate the discomfort that comes from hunching over your computer all day.

2. Tinctures for Different Times of the Day

Personally, tinctures are my favorite way to consume CBD.

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It’s the quickest way to experience the health benefits—with the average absorption time being under a minute.

All you have to do is:

1.) Place your ideal dose of Tommy Chong’s Full Spectrum CBD Oil under your tongue

2.) Hold for 30 seconds,

3.) And then sit back and enjoy the benefits of CBD within seconds

And what’s unique about Chong’s line of tinctures is that you can choose between Good Vibes or Nice Dreams.

With taurine, vitamin B6, and 100 mg of full-spectrum CBD, Good Vibes primes your body and mind to tackle the day ahead—helping you feel energized yet calm.

On the other hand, Nice Dreams helps you unwind so you can get the deepest, most restorative sleep you’ve ever had.

In addition to 100 mg of full-spectrum nano CBD, Nice Dreams comes with:

Melatonin – an all-natural neurotransmitter that helps maximize your ability to enter deep sleep states

GABA – a neurotransmitter partly responsible for the cellular repair that happens during sleep

Cordyceps Sinensis – a special mushroom known to promote longevity, brain health, heart health, improved mood and focus, and more

In need of some good vibes AND nice dreams?

Lucky for you, Tommy Chong offers a tincture combo to meet all your needs – all for an extremely affordable price.

3. Capsules that Provide Extended Relief

You can’t go wrong with capsules.

Taking Tommy Chong’s tincture in capsule-form is perfect for when you want to feel the benefits of full-spectrum CBD for more than a few hours.

And once again, Tommy Chong has you covered. With his Full Spectrum CBD Softgels, you don’t need to sacrifice convenience for the miraculous benefits of cannabidiol.


Because with their special slow-release mechanism, these capsules deliver a gradual dosage so you’re able to enjoy powerful relief for anywhere from 4-6 hours.

You read that right.

Each capsule contains 25mg of full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD that’s wrapped in an all-natural gelatin capsule for convenience on the go.

Say goodbye to having to worry about measuring out your daily dose of tincture!

4. CBD Gummies that Pack a Wellness Punch

I don’t need to tell you the yummiest way to consume CBD is gummies, and Tommy Chong’s gummies are next level.

These cute little gummy bears aren’t only deliciously fruity, but they also pack a huge wellness-punch.

Need an indiscrete way to relax and feel your anxiety drift away?

These are the way.

And the best part about these is that they’re made with 100% US-grown hemp extract and then blended with natural flavors and gelatin, so each gummy is only 2 grams of sugar.

And with 10 mg of CBD per candy, it’s never been easier to get the exact dose you want.

Quick, easy, AND tasty CBD on the go? Yes please.

5. A CBD Brand You Can Trust

From their rigorous growing standards to their cutting-edge extraction methods, Tommy Chong’s covers all the bases when it comes to quality and transparency.

And if you’re still not convinced, here are just a few things I admire about Tommy Chong’s CBD products:

  • Certified organic and GMO-free
  • United States-grown in Kentucky
  • Free from pesticides, heavy metals, and other toxins
  • Bottled and manufactured in a GMP-certified facility to ensure safety and purity, and then rigorously tested by a third-party lab
  • Blended with cold-pressed hemp oil instead of MCT oil to provide MORE cannabinoids and terpenes per bottle

And last but certainly not least:

Tommy Chong believes in his CBD products so much that he even offers a LIFETIME guarantee on all his products.

So even if there’s a slight chance that it doesn’t work for you, or it works too good, or you simply don’t like his cat—as Chong jokingly says—he’s got you covered, no questions asked.

We’ve never seen this before in a CBD company, and it speaks volumes about the quality of Tommy Chong’s CBD.

Final Thoughts

There’s something extraordinary about Chong’s story—beating cancer twice—with the help of his good friend, Cannabis.

At 82, he not only spends weeks at a time traveling and doing shows but he also does his own stunts and lifts weights at the gym four times a week.

To say cannabis has played a huge part in Tommy’s health and lifestyle is an understatement. Now, thanks to his high-quality brand of CBD, we can reap the health benefits too.

“I fought for cannabis for 40 years. Then it saved my life…So on that score, you could say we’re almost even.” —Tommy Chong

Bottom Line:

With products sourced from the finest hemp in the world and absorption rates that dwarf most other brands, it’s clear why Tommy Chong’s CBD is climbing the charts.

If you want the quickest, most powerful effects CBD has to offer (and we know you do), look no further than Tommy Chong’s.

Click on the Link to See if Tommy Chong’s Is Right for You


  • CBD Muscle Freeze Gel 250 MG: $49.95
  • CBD Joint and Muscle Balm 100 MG: $39.95
  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1,000 MG: $79.95
  • Good Vibes and Nice Dreams Combo Pack: $79.95
  • Full Spectrum CBD Softgels 300 MG: $59.95
  • Full Spectrum CBD Gummies 300 MG: $49.95
  • Hemp sourced from Kentucky farms
  • Less than 0.3% THC, the FDA legal limit
  • Third-party lab-tested
  • Made with nanoemulsion
  • Lifetime money-back guarantee

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