white zombie seeds

White zombie seeds

Is it good to know what the flavor of White Zombie is before you buy White Zombie seeds online. It said White Zombie tastes mostly like:

Peter Bodin from Panihati

White Zombie flavors

I’m an avid stoner and have tried many strains. I rarely give a strain a 5/5 but white zombie made me extremely productive and creative while enjoying a high at the same time. I highly recommend it for a non-beginner

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You want to buy White Zombie seeds? Get yourself informed about the effects of the White Zombie strain. White Zombie is known for the following effects:

Fast Flowering Description

Once the flowering photoperiod has begun (12h/12h) the FF plant will flower much more quickly and before long will be almost indistinguishable from the classic version of the same variety.

The result of this procedure is a hybrid F1 variety which flowers much faster than its classic siblings, while NOT being an auto-flowering variety.

Following the success of White Zombie, here’s the Fast Flowering White Zombie. This plant still offers the main qualities of White Zombie, but will flower more quickly.

So-called FF (Fast-Flowering) varieties are rapid versions of classic feminised varieties.

White zombie seeds

White Zombie is a potent hybrid strain with cerebrally-focused effects conducive for creative endeavors and stress relief. While this strain likely contains some Zombie OG genetics, it's also possible that White Zombie's maker was just a diehard Rob Zombie fan. Its euphoric and relaxing effects make it a perfect remedy for anxiety and depression, but come prepared with enough lazy activities: the psychoactivity of this strain is long-lasting.

White Zombie is a potent hybrid strain with cerebrally-focused effects conducive for creative endeavors and stress relief. While this strain likely contains some Zombie OG genetics, it's also possible that White Zombie's maker was just a diehard Rob Zombie fan. Its euphoric and relaxing effects make it a perfect remedy for anxiety and depression, but come prepared with enough lazy activities: the psychoactivity of this strain is long-lasting.


how to grow 1 weed plant in your room

How to grow 1 weed plant in your room

Commercially – grown marijuana or those grown by seasoned growers are typically regular flowering marijuanas plants. More specifically, they are photoperiod cannabis. These, under the right growing conditions, are the giants of the pot world– with the potential to grow 16 feet (or taller) and harvest 10 pounds of dried pot off a single plant.

Before flowering, these plants savor what is known as the vegetative stage. This is when the plant enjoys more hours of light than darkness. Indoors, this is typically 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. During this phase and light cycle, a photoperiod plant will continue to grow in size without flowering.

Take it from a seasoned grower: If this is your first time learning how to grow, autoflowering strains are more stress-free, cheaper, and easier to maintain. Autoflowering cannabis seeds are the best way to grow yourself some weed at home — without all the fuss.

Step 1 – Pick the Best Marijuana Seeds for You

Of course, if you can’t be bothered to read this entire guide, check out . They have a complete marijuana grow kit designed to make the weed farming life easy for you. Get started immediately, and if you get lost during your grow, email the stellar support team for a helping hand at [email protected] .

The key difference between autoflowering and regular flowering cannabis is how (and when) the plant’s flowering cycle begins. Simply put, autoflowering cannabis automatically starts its flowering cycle, while photoperiod waits for the correct light vs. dark period (12 hours light / 12 hours dark) to flower.

And there are grow kits that make it easy and accessible. The truth is that there are more ways to cultivate cannabis than there are names for the plant. And every method can grow great, healthy plants. For example, hydroponics might yield more , while soil will grow stronger buds, aeroponics will grow the fastest, and there’s no replacement for growing marijuana outdoors. It’s as easy to overload yourself with options as it is to add too much fertilizer to your nutrient mix. Below, we describe how to do it naturally and with little work on the grower’s part.

Steps to Growing Your Own Pot

Growing marijuana outdoors, this specific lighting need is why photoperiod plants flower in the fall and can grow to such staggering heights. They grow all summer long in a vegetative stage until the start of fall, when there is less light, which triggers them into flowering. Indoors, a grower needs to control this light cycle to avoid confusing the plants. Addling light when the plant thinks it is nighttime can ruin a whole crop. Light leaks are a common mistake. If it’s your first time growing cannabis, this will be a bit more of a challenge to keep up. It’s also going to be a bigger investment to start growing, as well as a lot more work.

This guide was written for marijuana enthusiasts who want a cheap way of growing cannabis plants without the tents, timing, and grow lights . It’s a small step towards greater accessibility for marijuana home growing. So, flip a middle finger to big corporations, break up with your dispensary, and step into the world of DIY weed growing at home– OG style. Growing sticky, smelly cannabis buds is easier and way more rewarding than you think!

How to grow 1 weed plant in your room

If you’re growing in a spare closet or a space where your plants won’t receive any natural sunlight, a 250-watt HID (high-intensity discharge) bulb will work best. These bulbs will cost you around $25 but will require a special HID light fixture or ballast because they don’t safely fit into a regular light fixture. The additional fixture can run $200 or more, but is worth the investment in the long run, especially if you plan on growing weed again.

Now that you understand a bit about the light cycle, it’s time to talk lights. The lamp you use to grow one plant in your house is going to be the costliest part of the entire process. Good news is, when growing just one plant you only need one light. And you’ve got several options to choose from.

You’re likely aware that marijuana is a flowering plant. Those dank, sticky, dense nugs you’re smoking are the flower that weed produces. When grown outside in natural sunlight, these flowers begin to bloom when the days begin to get shorter.

It’s important that when the lights go out, however, that she’s in a completely dark room. You’re looking to reenact nature indoors, remember? Any light that reaches your plant during the “dark” hours can upset your plant and disturb the natural flowering cycle. This can lead to a less-than-quality harvest and seriously lower your yield. In the worst-case scenario, it can cause confusion and make her to hermaphrodite. This will result in heavily seeded bud that could have easily been avoided.

Selecting Your Light Setup

When it comes to nutrients, organic is always best. There are several options for affordable organic nutrients that will ensure your plant grows healthy and strong. While common, synthetic nutrients are easy to find (think Miracle Grow), they’re not the best for growing weed. Not only are they artificial, but your plant will need different nutrients in various stages of its growth.

Most experienced growers use fabric pots that offer breathability and allow for roots to stretch and grow. A 3-gallon fabric pot will only cost you a few dollars and is a container that will keep your plant extremely happy. Growing in traditional plastic or clay pots can cause your plant to become root-bound, stunting her growth and reducing your overall yield. Let your plant breathe and grow to her fullest potential by choosing a small fabric pot.

Once your plant has grown big and strong, its time to manipulate your lighting again to trick it into producing those famous flowers. To do this, you will need to switch the light cycle to an even 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. Your plant will need the 12 hours of light to produce the energy it needs to bear that luscious fruit.

Flowering Stage

Before a cannabis plant begins to flower and is still growing, it is in what is known as the vegetative state. You want to let your plant stay in veg under 16+ hours of light for at least 4-6 weeks. The idea is to let your plant get as big and healthy as possible before they begin to flower so you can get the highest possible yield when they’re done.

If you live in a weed-friendly state and consume cannabis on the reg, the idea of growing your own has likely crossed your mind. Growing your own weed is on par with one of the most amazing experiences ever, and once you’ve done it you’ll likely want to do it again and again.


best nutrients for outdoor marijuana grow

A cannabis plant needs many nutrients, and pulls these from the soil. Left on its own, with good soil, plenty of light and water, and a temperate environment, a weed plant will grow fine, but nutrients will help the plant thrive and grow healthy and strong.

What are cannabis nutrients?

Liquid nutrients are typically used for indoor growing, but can be used outdoors too. Liquid nutrients are used for weed plants in soil, hydroponics, and other grow media, and can be pushed through drip lines, misters, and hoses for easy and efficient delivery.

Check your pH

Compost is filled with beneficial microorganisms and nutrients, and you can take it one step further by steeping it in aerated water. This process, called “compost tea,” extracts the microorganisms and soluble nutrients into a water “tea” solution.

You can make this yourself by combining worm castings, bat guano, and other components with a good soil and letting it sit for a few weeks, or it can be purchased pre-made from a local nursery or grow shop.

If you don’t have a suitable patch of earth to make a garden, containers can be placed on decks, patios, rooftops, and many other spots. If needed, you can move them around during the day to take advantage of the sun or to shield them from excessive heat or wind.

Big yields

Clay soils

Don’t underestimate the therapeutic value of gardening. It’s relaxing to spend some time outside, roll up your sleeves, and get your hands dirty for a while. And there’s nothing better than smoking something you grew yourself.

For first-time growers, we recommend avoiding commercial fertilizers like long-release granular fertilizers. These can be used, but you need to have a good understanding of how they work and what your plants need.

Some growers plant in containers on balconies or rooftops that are shielded from view, while some build heavy-gauge wire cages to keep thieves and animals at bay. Whatever you decide, think about how big you want your final plant to be—outdoor cannabis plants can grow to 10 feet tall or even more, depending on how much you let them go.

Buying the right soil for an outdoor cannabis grow

It’s fun and relaxing

Start off with fertilizers that are inexpensive and readily available. Some release nutrients quickly and are easily used by the plant, while others take weeks or months to release usable nutrients. If done correctly, you can mix in a few of these products with your soil amendments to provide enough nutrients for the entire life of your plants. Most of these items can be purchased cheaply at your local nursery.

Best nutrients for outdoor marijuana grow

Note: Don’t use any type of non-organic time-released nutrients (like fertilizer spikes, or “slow-release” Miracle-Gro soil) because they deliver too much N in the flowering stage and may reduce bud growth.

Botanicare is a great company that’s been around for as long as I’ve been growing, and whose supplements I’ve been using for years (specifically, their Hydroguard supplement is the most effective thing I’ve used to prevent root rot in a hydroponic setup). Best for…

Check out a grow journal using the FF trio for Soil!

If you’ve decided to start growing cannabis for the first time, trying to figure out the best nutrients for your setup can be very confusing. There are many nutrient companies, and each company creates multiple lines of nutrients and supplements for different purposes.

What’s the Best NPK Ratio for Cannabis Nutrients?

The main thing is to avoid giving too much Nitrogen in the flowering stage, as it can discourage bud development and add an unpleasant taste to buds, which is why a general-purpose plant nutrient isn’t a good choice in the flowering stage.

When using a complete nutrient system like the ones listed above, always start at half the recommended strength by the manufacturer, and only increase nutrient levels if your plant is getting pale. If you’re giving too low levels of nutrients, the entire plant will start to appear overall pale or lime green. If you have a different nutrient deficiency (diagnose your plant here), chances are it’s caused by incorrect pH, not by too-low levels of nutrients.

It may surprise you that the most common reason growers get nutrient deficiencies is because the pH is too high or too low. This happens even if the right amounts of nutrients are present because your weed simply cannot absorb the nutrients if the pH isn’t in the correct range.

Examples of Good Can nabis Nutrients

Super soil compost has been amended so no additional nutrients are needed. Just add water!

A different grower added, “Canna – I have only used their coco line, but it is the highest quality you will find.”


dark shadow haze seeds

Dark shadow haze seeds

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Dark shadow haze seeds

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citrus sunshine haze seeds

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We got your feelings report about Sunshine Haze Strain. Your feedback will be included and reflected in our rating system.

This cannabis provides a clear-headed high, which is perfect for accomplishing daily chores and reflect. Generally, it shows the following properties:

Let us know how does this strain makes you feel or just simply leave a review.

Sunshine Haze Relationship between terpenes and tastes

. I had this in Vape and this is one of the more harder hitting sativas I’ve had. So I’ve grabbed my third one. Definitely a must try . I feel happy I have energy and it definitely reduced my pain thanks sunshine ha hA

There are no available offers for seeds purchase on the Internet. With such a lack of guides and information, growing it is a real challenge.

The exact THC content is unknown, but on average, it is about 11%. To enjoy Sunshine Haze, the best time for consumption is in the evening.

User Reviews 1

Sunshine Haze is a very rare Sativa cannabis strain. Currently, there is very little information about its history, lineage, or original breeders. On top of that, as far as we found out, usually, it is sold as wax.

Let us know how this strain has affected you

The high is just as eye-opening as the flavor, with a rich and energizing feel that leaves you lifted for hours and hours on end. You’ll feel a rush of sociable energy that lends itself well to social situations and conversations.

A sativa dominant hybrid strain (75% sativa/25% indica) which packs a potent high that will not disappoint in the slightest. The aroma is very earthy and citrusy with a spicy herbal overtone that’s accented by sour lemon and lime.

Citrus Sunshine Haze Strain is recommended for the experienced user suffering from conditions such as chronic pain, depression, mood swings, migraines or headaches, and chronic stress.

Additional information

1/8 Oz (3.5 Grams), 1/4 Oz (7 Grams), 1/2 Oz (14 Grams), 1 Oz (28 Grams), 1/2 Pound (8 Oz), 1 Pound (16 Oz)


the best weed seeds

The best weed seeds

The costs for Gorilla seeds are excellent, even without taking into account the free seeds you get as part of each order and the free delivery they offer. They sell high quality and most popular seeds at costs that are up to 30% lower than that of authentic growers. Pay them with bitcoin, debit or credit, cash or wire transfers, and you’ll be ready to have your marijuana seeds right at home.

The seed bank has been in operation for more than 15 years and mainly focuses on the quality of the marijuana they offer. When looking for recreational or medicinal cannabis, you can be sure that you have quality strains with the stated amounts of CBD and THC.

If you are looking for a quality online seed bank, you’re in luck. There are many reliable sperm banks out there that will ship the seeds to you in a discreet package and will offer extra coverage and replacements if your seeds are stopped at customs. In this list, we have included both the most respected seed bank in the US and internationally .

How to Know Your Cannabis Seeds are Real

To further complicate the whole question of the legality of cannabis seeds, some states allow you to legally possess the seeds but not grow them. Only fewer than 20 states allow you to grow cannabis plants legally, so even if you can legally own the seeds in other states, you can’t do anything with them.

Herbies ensure first-rate readability by providing you with a particular product description and all the records you need about your weed seeds. Herbies Seeds prides itself on a choice of top-notch cannabis seeds online. Herbies seeds come from at a minimum 70% contained for your germinate properly and make a great product.

Is It Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds?

The company also offers customers a guaranteed shipping option where you are guaranteed delivery of the seeds no matter what. Also, offer regular discounts and they even offer loyalty points so you can save money on your subsequent buying trip.

Established 20 years ago, Herbies Seeds is dedicated to imparting clients with top-notch hashish seeds for longer than maximum companies.

The best weed seeds


2. Crop King Seeds – Best Marijuana Seeds Genetics


5. MJSeeds – Best Weed Seeds Stealth Shipping

Always check that your cannabis seed bank ships to your country before you buy weed seeds online.


strawberry sorbet seeds

When grown indoors Strawberry Sorbet will finish flowering in 9 weeks producing yields of between 500 – 650 gr/m 2 . Its dense buds are crystal-laden and near maturity develop a slight pink tinge making it a very attractive strain.

Strawberry Sorbet is just as delicious as it sounds. It is a cross of an heirloom Swiss Strawberry strain with Sorbet. Medium-sized, this 60% indica strain produces large yields of top quality buds.

The scent and flavour profile lean heavily towards sweet candy. Its high levels of resin production make it a good choice from which to make extracts and concentrates. The effect is very uplifting and euphoric with a creative edge that heightens awareness leading to a peaceful contentment, relaxing and somewhat sleepy.

Strawberry sorbet seeds

• smaller, light orders normally shipped ‘Royal Mail 24’ within the UK
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Strawberry Sorbet inherits an intense sweet candy flavoured profile that produces fast flowering, resinous plants. She is a very heavy feeder, resulting in above average yields that when grown out properly will produce award winning buds that scream California. Perfect for concentrate and hash creators due to its very large resin production. Strawberry Sorbet produces happy and peaceful effects that will heighten your creativity and awareness when consumed.

FREE over £75


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best marijuana grow kit

Best marijuana grow kit

You can be the happy harvester of three ounces around harvest time, and the unit is reported to pay for itself in a mere 18 months!

Including a powerful LED 1200 watt high, a high-quality growing tent along with some wonderfilled nutrient-filled hydroponic medium – the Budgrower provides everything and more to give your plants everything they need to grow up healthy and strong.

Best Light balance

We’ve summed up the best features of the Bloomgrow Marijuana Kit as follows:

The SuperStar Smart Grow Box

The SuperStar Smart Grow Box lives up to its name by being built in a similar fashion to a locker. Perfect for stealthy grows, the SuperStar may outwit its competitors for a few reasons.

The hydroponic soil that you get with this kit is made from pure coconut coir, which is highly conducive to marijuana growth. If you are looking for a user-friendly option, the Goldleaf kit is your ideal choice. With that said, here’s a summary of the Goldleaf kit’s best features:

Growing Lights

Goldleaf Hydroponics Complete Grow Tent Kit

Overall, the Budgrower indoor grow tent kit provides the following notable features:

Something to keep in mind, though, is that the SuperStar Grow Box comes highly recommended for more experienced growers, as wattages can get pretty high!

Best marijuana grow kit

We’ve done a lot of comparisons between different light types, so you probably already know that each type of lighting system has pros and cons. It’s up to you to do your research and determine which type of lighting your plants will benefit from most, then choose your kit accordingly.

The full spectrum design of the light means that it can be used in any phase of growth, starting from seedlings and ending with potent, sticky buds. Another thing that adds to this kit’s efficiency is the 96% reflectivity of the tent’s mylar, so you’ll never have to worry about wasted light.

If you’re like us and you’re all about making your medical grow op as easy as possible, you’ll love everything about indoor grow kits. The best grow kits include everything you’ll need to make your grow op a success – even simple pieces of equipment like pots and measuring tools.

Light Size & Wattage

Indoor grow kits can also save you money and time that you would otherwise spend on purchasing each item separately. You don’t have to pay a lot of money on the perfect indoor grow kit if you are starting. However, it is essential to have the right tools to help you until you upgrade your equipment.

The 8×4 grow tents typically contain hydroponic full spectrum LED, temperature and humidity controllers, power bar, carbon filters, ventilation, nutrients, PH testing and calibration. 8×4 tents have professional features built with the highest quality reflective Mylar and heavy-duty, tear-proof canvas. Multiple windows allow for easy access to ventilation and cables. These 8×4 tent kits are great for having enough room to grow more than one plant.

Complete Grow Kit from Indo

Flexible support netting for grow tents is perfect for training plants to make a dense canopy that will yield high-yielding, heavy flowers. Plant supports and nets can also be extended from poles to poles in your grow tent. However, unlike wire, it won’t cut through branches. Strong plastic hooks will hold your poles in place.

It really depends on which one you buy, but most complete grow kits are just that… Complete. Take the Complete Grow Kit from Indo as an example. It comes with everything you could possibly need to grow a few plants.

If this describes your situation, then you’re in the right place! If you want to give marijuana cultivation a try, but you want to get your feet wet before you dive into the waters, then a marijuana grower’s kit may be the perfect solution for you! With one of these kits, you can start your own weed farm with minimal effort.

Whether you’re an avid recreational smoker who has years of experience or you are interested in using it for medicinal purposes, you might be thinking about growing it yourself.

Seriously, do you really want to become and LED lighting expert or do you just want to grow some loud for personal use?

Growing cannabis on your own can be a pretty tedious task. Not only do you need to have the proper environment – including growing medium, moisture, humidity, and light – but it also requires a great deal of patience. With a grower’s kit, you can make sure that at least some of your bases are covered.

While cultivating your own weed offers numerous benefits (you can choose what you grow, you have complete control, it may be less expensive than buying, and you get the satisfaction of enjoying the fruits of your labor, for example), if you’re entirely new to the process, it can be a bit overwhelming – especially if you don’t have a green thumb.


how to grow marijuana for idiots

Jun 14, 2016 | ISBN 9781465450562 | ISBN 9781465450562 –> Buy

Expert Advice to Yield a Dependable Supply of Potent Buds

Cultivate your personal cannabis crop with expert techniques and know-how.
As marijuana laws in the United States become less restrictive, more and more people are searching for basic marijuana gardening instructions. But cultivating pot isn’t like growing houseplants or vegetables, especially if you desire maximum potency and yield. It takes precision, and among other things you need female plants, very specific temperature, nutrients, humidity, and lighting at different times during the plant’s lifespan to maximize the quality and quantity of your yield. Idiot’s Guides®: Growing Marijuana covers it all—in a simple, concise way to help you increase both the yield and quality of your personal harvest.
Here’s what you’ll find in this clear, visual guide:

About Growing Marijuana

Jun 14, 2016 | ISBN 9781465450562

How to grow marijuana for idiots

Hopefully, you understand the importance of secrecy when growing weed.

If you elect to grow cannabis indoors, make sure you do so in a sealed space. If the odor gets out, your neighbors will alert the authorities. If you use HPS bulbs, use an exhaust fan with a carbon filter. It filters the scent and ensures that only filtered and clean air gets outside. As a bonus, it keeps the temperature in the room to a reasonable level. If you’re growing outdoors, make sure you account for wind direction.

The idea of having a cannabis garden where you grow the plant sounds extremely alluring and exciting. If you have done your research, you’ll know that growing weed isn’t an easy process. It requires specialist knowledge and a lot of patience. You should also know that secrecy is of the utmost importance.

If it is your first time trying to grow marijuana, we recommend doing it on a small scale. The obvious reason is to reduce the likelihood of your secret getting out. Also, it is pretty easy to grow a couple of plants in a small grow-box. Some people construct a box from a dresser while others convert a mini-fridge.

Rule #7 – Thou Shalt Understand Electrical Safety & Technology

In case you didn’t know, a cannabis garden emits one hell of a scent. It doesn’t even matter if your sinuses are blocked because of the flu from hell. Marijuana’s peculiar odor will make its way to your senses. Aside from a neighbor’s big mouth, the smell of the crop is probably the biggest reason for getting caught.

Don’t let their size fool you.…

Basic cultivation of weed is classified as Manufacture in the Second Degree, which is a felony. In theory, getting caught growing marijuana in Alabama could result in a 20-year prison term plus a fine of $30,000.

Rule #3 – Thou Shalt Control the Pungent Odor & Telltale Noises

For example, Rita the Recluse has nothing to do other than watch her 32 cats each day. In between meals and scooping kitty litter, she may happen to spot you bringing significant amounts of pots, nutrients, and soil into your house. There’s not much you can do to avoid being spotted barring digging a tunnel beneath your home. A more natural alternative is to grow companion plants, fruit, and vegetables as ‘cover.’

They are both excellent options, but a mini-fridge does a great job of disguising the smell. If you do it right, you could even keep the fridge in your room under lock and key.