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Say hello to your new favorite feeling—introducing five chocolates. Cannabinoid connoisseurs rejoice and take five™. Fully-powered, full-spectrum premium chocolates with CBD you can actually feel. Curious about everything related to CBD chocolates? Read along! To satisfy your luxury chocolate craving, visit Melt’s website to order today! Buy CBD chocolate from Green Roads. Enjoy CBD infused, small-batch, handcrafted artisanal chocolate in this 62% cacao dark chocolate bar.

full spectrum
cbd+thc chocolates

Say hello to your new favorite feeling—introducing five CBD chocolates. Cannabinoid connoisseurs rejoice and take five™.

Fully-powered, full-spectrum premium CBD chocolates which you can actually feel. With two flavors and doses to satisfy both the hemp starters and the hemp savvy, five chocolates fill you with a kind of feeling no other CBD can.

what are customers saying about our cbd+thc chocolates.

how to use & dosing.

Take 1 CBD chocolate square when you need a break. Segmented in 4, each chocolate square can be taken whole, in parts or shared with friends (if they’re lucky!).

* Amount of cannabinoids approximated and is based on the most recent certificate of analysis.

usa grown

view certificates of analysis

Sourced from the best hemp farms in the US, five™ CBD has the most stringent standards for our suppliers.

*Third party lab report that shows you what’s actually in the product.

slept amazing

I got a great night sleep, I recently injured myself at work and I slept great and i’m dosing one drop every night before bed. I also found it’s better without food but that’s just me, thanks

sleep like a rock

Like a treat before bed that helps me sleep. These work super well and i sleep like a ROCK.

also works great

These and the gummies are just killer. I’ve never had CBD work this well. I just feel good, it’s hard to explain. Definitely sticking with these and highly recommend

better together.

cbd+thc gummies

daily buzz . 20ct

500mg CBD / 100mg THC

$39 . 99

cbd+thc oil

50mg CBD / 2mg THC

$49 . 99

cbd+thc gummies

500mg CBD / 40mg THC

$29 . 99

cbd+thc gummies

500mg CBD / 40mg THC

$29 . 99

cbd+thc gummies

500mg CBD / 40mg THC

$29 . 99

cbd+thc liquid capsules

1500mg CBD / 60mg THC

$59 . 99

cbd+thc chocolates

50mg CBD / 2mg THC

$39 . 99

wanna see them all?

CBD Chocolate is surely one of the tastiest CBD products of all. What is it? Chocolate that’s infused with CBD, of course! In this case the chocolate gets its CBD from a premium, truly full spectrum CBD extract. If you thought you couldn’t have your cake [chocolate?] and eat it too…think again.

Considering that both CBD and chocolate are pretty awesome. why not? It turns out this combo is also a match made in biochemical heaven, too. Chocolate contains feel-good compounds, like theobromine, that complement the feel-good cannabinoids in hemp.

In addition to the practical benefit of tasting amazing, CBD chocolates contain a wide array of beneficial compounds. Let’s start by looking at what’s in the CBD extract itself. Our CBD extract contains CBD (obviously), THC, CBG, CBT, CBN, and more. It also contains a variety of terpenes and flavonoids that contribute their own antioxidant effects.

But CBD extract isn’t the only healthy component in CBD Chocolates. The chocolate itself is pretty dang healthy, too! Research shows that Chocolate contains several feel-good neurotransmitters. Some of these neurotransmitters activate the very same endocannabinoid receptors that CBD does.

They sure do. At five TM we believe that cannabinoids do better together, which is why we’ve ensured that every square of our Chocolate contains 2 milligrams of THC.

Yes. Our Chocolates contain the very same truly full spectrum hemp extract that our other products do. That means they’re rich in a variety of synergistic terpenes.

You bet it is! In fact, our Chocolate has set a new standard for what the term “full spectrum” actually means. It contains an industry-first 5:1 ratio of CBD:other compounds.

Pretty dang delicious. The only real question here is if you’ll end up liking the Milk Chocolate or the Sea Salt Dark Chocolate more!

Our Chocolates contain truly premium ingredients, so you can eat as many of them as you’d like!
How much Chocolate should you eat? That could be a slightly different story. Consider limiting yourself to 1-2 servings if you’re sensitive to THC — or to sugar.

Yes — but don’t be too concerned. Eating more CBD chocolate than your body needs isn’t likely to cause anything more than mild side effects like drowsiness. Nor is it likely to cause weight gain. Seriously: the fats present in dark chocolate are so pro-metabolic that chocolate intake is correlated with lower waist size.

Hey, now you’re getting creative! They sure can be. Chocolate’s blend of simple sugars and slow-burning good fats makes it ideal for athletes. Add CBD into the mix and it’s a recipe for athletic success.

The effects of CBD Chocolate and other CBD edibles typically last for 4-6 hours. You may experience a longer or shorter course of effects depending on how much you take.

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Expect the same benefits that you’ve come to expect from other five™ CBD products, of course! You may feel calmer, happier, or more hopeful as CBD Chocolate beings to kick in. You may also feel your muscles relax or notice your sleep improve.

We can’t make any medical claims, but many of our customers do feel calmer when they consistently take CBD Chocolate.

The best way to find out is through experience! Other than that, CBD Chocolates are likely to be a great CBD product for beginners, chocolate-lovers, and other groups.

Our CBD-infused Chocolate can be enjoyed at it any time of the day (or night). In other words…it’s up to you! Feel free to try out different schedules until you find what works best for you.

CBD Chocolates aren’t quite as common as other CBD products, meaning you may not be able to find them at your local health food store or head shop.

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Why not? Because the market’s very best CBD Chocolates are found online. With online buying you can read honest reviews from real customers, browse through product COA’s, and make sure you’re getting a truly good deal. You don’t even have to step out of your home — once you order them, our premium CBD Chocolates are delivered straight to your door.

Buying from five™’s online store provides you with several benefits that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

In addition to the unparalleled convenience, our CBD Chocolates are unusually pure. They’re sourced from organic hemp and put through an extraction process that retains hemp’s natural 5:1 ratio of CBD to other cannabinoids. This ratio is thought to engage the entourage effect and activate your body’s endocannabinoid system better than anything else! If you still have doubts, just read through the customer reviews for yourself. You’ll quickly see the difference that trusting in nature makes.

Buying from us also gives you the benefit of complete transparency. We release the Certificates of Analysis (COA) for each batch of our products to the public so you can know exactly what you’re getting before you buy.

CBD Filled Chocolates – Here’s All You Need to Know

CBD has been a hot topic in recent years. Although still in its infancy, it has proved to have an extraordinary effect on your health and well-being ; you’re probably wondering, what exactly is it?

To begin with, it is a naturally occurring element; a cannabinoid out of many others present in the cannabis plant. With the advances in the technology, it is available in many forms for easy consumption, such as CBD oils and vapes.

However, it has been extracted from a herb. This means, it will come with an unfavorable taste; the taste of terpenes and signature herb flavour isn’t a popular flavour.

At Melt Chocolates , this is where our professional chocolatiers have gone all out and combined the two ingredients to create CBD Chocolates; this luxurious sweet treat offers the ability of being healthy while not compromising on taste.

Moreover, this creative and unique combination let’s you reap the benefits of CBD while allowing you to experience the extraordinary taste of our gourmet chocolates .

If you’re ready to give this combination a try, then it’s important that you understand the basics of CBD chocolates.

Before that, let’s understand a little more about CBD.

What is CBD?

An abbreviation for cannabinoid, CBD is one of the many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant .

However, apart from the plant, these cannabinoids are also present in our body and the only difference is their name. Ours are known as endocannabinoids and they are mainly present in our ECS, the system that’s present in our main nervous system .

When it comes to CBD’s effects though, biologically, the cannabinoid reacts with your receptors in the ECS to give you the well known health benefits.

Having said that, when consumed alone, CBD is known to have an unlikable flavour which is why we, at Melt, have created CBD chocolates to help you enjoy its benefits without experiencing its unpleasant taste.

Benefits of Eating CBD Chocolates

After understanding the meaning of CBD chocolate, now is the time to dig deeper. The obvious question being, why combine it with chocolate ?

Needless to say, the answer resides in the great taste that chocolate brings which is unmatched by any other ingredient. Simply put, chocolate tastes delicious, while CBD, being a part of a plant, has the signature herb flavour and terpenes that are usually associated with the taste of herbs (marijuana in this case).

When combined with quality chocolate, however, the inherent and delicious flavour of it will complement and cover the terpene flavour of CBD.

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Moreover, CBD has naturally occurring antioxidants properties and if you look closely, chocolate has them too!

With this, the cacao also has many other essential minerals such as magnesium, iron, copper and potassium. The amalgamation of CBD with chocolate , therefore, gives you many benefits, such as –

  • Anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Reduced diabetes risk
  • Protects against cardiovascular diseases
  • Stimulates your nervous system
  • Helps with heart diseases
  • Helps with stress, anxiety and depression.

However, ensure that you’re consuming them in a limited amount to reap just the right benefits.

How to Consume CBD Chocolates?

Due to its potential to form varied combinations according to the required customisations, it is difficult to highlight an amount of CBD that might work for you. Having said that, the amount will vary based on why you’re using it in the chocolate.

At Melt, we have combined these two ingredients to create a superfood that we like to call the ‘taste of earthly paradise’ and offer products like CBD bar and Hemp Dark Chocolate which have the ideal amount of CBD in it.

Now, when it comes to eating this chocolate , take a chunk from the bar and let it melt under your tongue to help the release of CBD in your body.

Ideally, you should start with small chunks and maintain this consistency for at least three days. If you feel no difference, you can always have larger pieces of chocolates in your routine.

That said, since CBD usage in the UK is still in its infancy, we have taken all the necessary actions and tested every ingredient to give you this product.

Endeavour this experience and shop from our website from here .

Order CBD Chocolates from Melt Today

CBD consumption is a creative space that has been explored by many professionals and we, being the experts of luxury chocolates , have been up to date with all the advances that have followed the evolution.

CBD has to be consumed in the most natural, organically extracted form and to form the chocolate-infused CBD, our experienced chocolatiers use quality materials, precision and the right techniques to provide you with this delicacy.

However, if you are looking to make your well-being and health more profound by adapting fun ways, try our vegan and sugar-free chocolates for taste and health; at the same time!

CBD Chocolate Bar – 180mg

We made chocolate even more blissful (does that qualify for a Nobel prize?)

What it is:

A small-batch, artisanal dark chocolate bar that’s infused with 180mg of CBD from American-farmed hemp. It’s a luxurious way to melt your stress away, any time of day or night!

Why it’s special
  • It has 180mg of CBD (15mg per break-away piece)
  • It’s a delicious, 62% cacao, gourmet dark chocolate bar — trust us, 62% is the perfect balance between milk chocolate and the even stronger dark chocolates on the market
  • It’s hand-crafted in small batches by a local chocolatier
  • It’s infused with CBD from American-grown hemp
  • Please Note: These bars are manufactured in a facility that uses peanuts and tree nuts
The Basics
Extract Type

Cacao bean, sugar, cacao butter, hemp-derived cannabinoid extract

CBD Chocolate Bar – 180mg

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If you are pregnant or nursing, we advise you to consult your personal healthcare professionals before using any CBD product.

Does Green Roads grow its own hemp?

We choose not to own farms, and instead have strong relationships with several excellent farms right here in the United States. This gives us the advantage of choosing the best hemp plants for our ingredients and rejecting any raw materials that do not meet our standards.

Can you use CBD for stress?

Green Roads CBD oil can be used to help promote a sense of calm and support the management of normal day-to-day stress. Our products may also be able to support focus and help maintain normal emotional balance. Green Roads CBD products are not designed to treat, cure, or diagnose any form of anxiety disorders, mental health conditions, or other medical ailments.

Does CBD promote relaxation?

Our CBD products may promote relaxation and a calming effect. Green Roads CBD oils can also be used for everyday situations that may cause feelings of unease. The benefits of CBD may be different for everyone.

Why is Green Roads CBD oil better than other CBD oils on the market?

Green Roads CBD oil is a premium option from a brand that sets the gold standard for quality control in the industry. We use naturally occurring cannabidiol (CBD) and other natural compounds without any artificial ingredients or harmful chemical substances.

All of our CBD extracts are obtained from hemp plants grown on farms in the United States. Each of our products has been tested by third-party laboratories for purity and quality. You can check the results of this test via a QR code on the package.

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What’s in the box that I will receive? What’s in the bottle?

When you buy Green Roads CBD drops, you will get a bottle and a special measuring tool. This will let you adjust your serving size to your liking. There will be instructions and a QR code on the bottle that will take you to each product’s independent lab results.

Will CBD make me hungry?

CBD has not been known to cause extreme hunger or the condition colloquially known as “the munchies.”

Will CBD oil affect my medication?

If you are taking any medications, we recommend you consult with your physician prior to using CBD products. For the safest and most effective use of CBD, use pharmacist-formulated CBD products from a trusted manufacturer like Green Roads. Using high-grade CBD with professional medical guidance is the best way to make the most of your CBD products.

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a compound found naturally in hemp plants. Unlike THC (the active cannabinoid in marijuana), CBD is not intoxicating which means it will not get you high. CBD interacts with a series of receptors in your body known as the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS relates to a number of important systems in your body and helps keep your internal rhythms in optimal balance.

Is There THC In Green Roads’ CBD Products?

If the CBD product is broad-spectrum, it will have only non-detectable levels of THC (meaning the amount is so small it doesn’t show up on a lab report). If the product is isolate, there will be no THC. If the product is full-spectrum, it will have less than 0.3% THC, the federally legal limit for industrial hemp plants.

Will Green Roads CBD Products Get Me High?

No. CBD is not intoxicating. THC is the compound that causes a high and all Green Roads products have less than the federally legal limit of 0.3% THC. Our broad spectrum and isolate products have even less. These minuscule amounts of THC aren’t enough to cause a high when taken as directed.

Why Do People Take CBD?

People use CBD to support their overall well-being in many ways. Some may need help with really specific issues. Others are supporting their overall well-being. Honestly, we learn a ton about how and why people use CBD from our customers.

You can do your own research online to see what challenges people are saying CBD helps them, their parents, their children or even their pets overcome. This is what it’s all about for us! We love reading positive stories about the impact our products have on people’s everyday lives. We get them from veterans, first responders, office workers, athletes, seniors, parents, and everybody else.

While we believe CBD can support wellness in many ways, you have to understand this is still a young industry. Encouraging research about CBD is emerging all the time, and we can’t wait to learn more in the future.

Why Can’t You Post All Your Reviews?

We are incredibly proud to say that of the 10,000+ reviews we’ve gotten from consumers, 90.4% have been either 4-star or 5-star. It’s a direct result of our commitment to quality and the dedication we have to our customers.

Unfortunately, due to FDA regulations, we cannot post all of those reviews on our website. The FDA forbids all CBD companies from publishing reviews in which customers mention specific health conditions. As you might imagine, a large number of our consumer reviews mention specific health conditions.

In order to comply with the FDA, we’ve published a representative selection of reviews that pass the FDA guidelines. These are actual, unaltered reviews from real customers, and because transparency is a big part of who we are here at Green Roads, they range from 1-star disappointments to 5-star raves. We’re proud of the praise, and we learn from the critiques.

Why Buy Green Roads Products?

Green Roads is the first CBD company founded by a licensed compounding pharmacist in the United States. We set the gold standard for self-regulation in the rapidly evolving CBD industry. Our first commitment is to help each person find the healthiest version of themselves through the power of plants.

CBN is a cannabinoid found in hemp plants like CBD. CBN is non-intoxicating, and while research into this compound is relatively new, there are indications CBN has properties that make it perfect for sleep formulas.

5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP), also known as oxitriptan, is a naturally occurring amino acid. It’s a common ingredient in many relaxation products including Green Roads CBD Relax Capsules.

Gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) is a naturally occurring amino acid that experts say helps you relax and calms you down. It’s a common ingredient in many relaxation products.

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